1. Content Marketing 101 eBook

Monthly Roundup October 2015 How To Do Content Marketing Right Brandanew


Content Marketing 101: What to expect

  • Why invest in content marketing
  • How you can work on your content marketing plans from DIY to fully outsourced models
  • Key trends and statistics in content marketing

2. An Editorial Calendar For Your Blogs

An Editorial Calendar For Your Blog Is A Remarkable Need


Editorial Calendar Template

  • Stay committed to your content marketing plans
  • WIN with blogging by staying consistent and planning ahead
  • The template is available in an easy spreadsheet format to be used right away!

3. Research- How Has Digital Media Altered Indian Women

[New Report] How Has Digital Media Altered Self-Expression In Indian Women Brandanew


How has digital media changed self expression in women: What to expect

  • Survey results on digital media for Indian women
  • Learn your new target customer and how they behave digitally
  • Why do women share content across social media?