Do Epic Shit: 5 Content Marketing Books That Inspire Us

It’s a start of another month and a brand new week. For inspiring you to deep dive into content marketing and branding for your startups and small businesses, here’s a little something. We have a list of must-read content marketing books for you. When you’re starting off or training your new team members, it’s good to start off on a solid footing. And some of the content marketing books that inspire us, do just that! Are you ready to wow your customers and do epic shit? Remember, dreams don’t work unless you do. So be ready to get your hands dirty and try out what these books have to offer!

Do Epic Shit 5 Content Marketing Books That Inspire Us

5 Content Marketing Books That Inspire Us

1. Youtility, Jay Baer: This book should perhaps be on your immediate list to learn how content marketing truly works.  The book guides a user through different Content Marketing goals that the brand may have and finds a well thought out, simple (not easy but structured) method to reach these goals and track them (the full circle). It talks about why creating useful consumer experiences on a daily basis trumps creating a single one time viral post (although that’s wonderful while hardly predictable).

2. Everybody writes, Ann Handley-  While I’ve been writing for a while and do believe that I am improving, I think this book was still helpful in building my energy and enthusiasm as a writer. The book shares tools, tips and insights on the art of business writing. It allows you to work through your own processes and improve. It helps you identify how you can move from mediocre brand copies to something truly remarkable.

3. All Marketers Are Liars, Seth Godin– This is a slight cheat. The book really isn’t just content marketing, but there’s no marketing that’s possible unless you understand permission based marketing and new consumer paradigms. Full of great examples, stories and amazing insights- just like Seth’s blog, this is one for the keeps.

4. Contagious, Jonah Berger- This book goes through the step by step guide of describing how to build word of mouth in today’s digital age. It shows you the STEPPS process and allows you to determine, why a certain type of content goes viral. It also makes you see your own content in that light and learn to improve it based on your understanding of the process.

5. Content Rules, Ann Handley, CC Chapman- The book is a ready guide for you to understand how you can build an authentic voice and craft remarkable content for your brands. The authors help you by giving examples of and describing all kinds of content from blogs, YouTube videos, social media channels and all new platforms that you can use to build credibility and trust.

Which content marketing books have you been looking at? Do share your favorites with me!


Upasna Kakroo

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