Coming Up: A Brandanew Social Trends Show Podcast!

We are so stoked to let everyone know that in the next month we’ll soon be sharing our very first Social Trends Show Podcast. We’ve just made ourselves visible on SoundCloud and can’t wait to share all the episodes with you. The idea of having Podcasts as a medium to share our learnings really came from believing in the inherent power of audio storytelling. It was also because, we realized many of us have a long commute, or prefer listening to insights as opposed to reading large text based material. It’s important that we have your interest in mind first up. And that’s the reason why the Social Trends Show was born!

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Coming Up A Brandanew Social Trends Show Podcast!

What’s special about the Social Trends Show?

  • GLOBAL EXPERTS: There’s plenty of stuff that we’re excited about. The first thing is that the Social Trends Show is one of the only global shows out there. We will share insights from global experts as we interview them on social and digital trends.
  • 19 MINS OF ACTUAL LEARNING: The show will be a ton of material and no-nonsense learning (yes, we know your time is precious). We intend to stay on course with the actual learning material in each of those 19 minutes! You will learn something new in each episode from people who are inherently hands-on with the social and digital world. It will be something, we guarantee.
  • EASY ACCESS TO UPCOMING TRENDS: You can listen to the show on your mobile, desktop, iPad or any other device that you prefer. You don’t need to strain your eyes, but just need to get your headphones on. We’re doing this show in August through October, that gives you a good runway into what to expect in 2017. Yes, we did think the timing was on our side too!

What can you know about the first season of the Social Trends Show?

The key details about the first season of the Social Trends Show are:

  • LAUNCH DATE: We will officially launch on August 1. The text transcripts of the show will be fully shared on the blog. We will also share deep links and any further reading for you to benefit from.
  • WHO ARE WE TALKING TO: In the first season we have 7 experts AND one social media celebrity guest (a superstar). We have a full range of experts from bloggers, communications experts, social media experts, editors and all creatives you need to hear from. The actual list of a new expert will be revealed during the show (keep watching this space!)
  • ACCESS: We will be sharing the Podcast on our page on SoundCloud, on our social communities and also try and submit it to the iTunes Podcast library (although that takes a few days/weeks to get approved). But rest assured, YOU will have access from our source or the other. It is our aim to reach you wherever you are. So, if there’s a channel that you particularly prefer, let us know.

So, see you on our Podcast soon! This is so exciting, we would love to hear your comments and suggestions as we go along. A new initiative is always full of hopes and never-seen-before challenges. We intend to take them head-on and share our learnings at the end of the season for all of you! 🙂


Upasna Kakroo

Upasna co-founded Brandanew in 2014 for the sheer love of storytelling and authentic connections. She has been blogging and documenting digital stories since 2003.