How to Create a Great First Year in Your Own Business

How to Create a Great First Year in Your Own Business

When starting a new online business, you must take into consideration that most businesses struggle within their first year. Even with helpful technology on their side, the first year of business can be a make or break time. This is why it is important to set up your business the right way with thoughtfulness. Here are […]


5 Funny Business Ideas That Actually Worked

Have you ever considered expanding your business, but you are running short of ideas? Perhaps you are thinking that your business idea is so ridiculous that it will be a flop. To keep you motivated, here is a list of five funny business ideas that actually ended up as big hits. Read through these tips and you might […]

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Impressive Brand Identity Campaigns in The Last Decade

Successful advertising campaigns can directly impact a brand’s perception. Although most marketers have similar data at their disposal, not all brand identity campaigns are successful. What makes one campaign better than others? Experts say it’s not just images but campaigns that reach people’s emotions. Let’s look at some examples of memorable campaigns that have created magic for brands. Impressive […]

Weekly Brand Inspiration: Crate & Barrel Email Journeys

Weekly Brand Inspiration: Crate & Barrel Email Journeys

2017 is ON and I’m so excited to begin this year with inspiration and creativity. If you’re on our email list, you already got our postcard last week. Each week, I’ll be covering awesome brands that inspire us with sheer creativity, brand experience and storytelling. This week we cover brand email journeys. The example comes from […]


50 Must Have Features to Include in Your Small Business Website

It’s tough to survive in today’s highly competitive market. It’s almost impossible to thrive without a solid online presence. A website has become one of the most important aspects of a brand’s online marketing strategy. Without an optimized brand website, your small business will not stand out. Most modern customers are used to easy access of information online and expect […]


Top Five Branding Strategies You Can Leverage in 2017

Businesses of all sizes develop branding strategies to ultimately develop a distinction over competitive offerings in a customer’s mind. Your customers should be able to distill your brand’s essence in your stories, marketing activities and products. Needless to say, building brand differentiation and a narrative requires careful thought. Your products communication must maintain your brand tonality and also help your brand stand out. […]

How to Create Remarkable Videos For Your Brand

How to Create Remarkable Videos For Your Brand

Creating remarkable videos for your brand isn’t rocket science. In today’s new media landscape, it may just have become a need. I have exactly three reasons for sharing this with you today. Firstly, I recommended one of my clients to launch a series of “how-to” videos to make their product more accessible. We discussed about how […]

The New Trust Landscape And What it Means For Your Brand brandanew

The New Trust Landscape And What it Means For Your Brand

As a brand your key focus is to compel your target audience to trust you enough and buy from you. Authentic relationships between brands, leaders and customers (or an audience) are built on a solid foundation of trust. Who do your customers trust? Edelman’s trust survey sheds new light on how the new millennial consumer is influenced externally […]