6 Brands That’ve Created Business Value Via Niche Social Communities

We’ve time and again shared the importance of niche social communities in today’s digital world. Niche social communities work when they’re connected, engaged and generate consumer value. It’s more desirable to be appreciated by a select set of followers in a specific area, rather than run around getting generic likes that amount to nothing. Today we have examples of six brands that have capitalized on this trend and converted it into strong business value. There’s a ton to learn, so let’s get started!

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6 Brands That’ve Created Business Value Via Niche Social Communities


1. Ravelry– For Knitters and Crocheters

A network built for knitters and crocheters, now connects over 6.4 million users around the world. Since its inception in 2007, the platform helps designers display their projects, new comers with advice on – yarn, needles, and patterns. Jessica Forbes began Ravelry as a project to collect and share patterns among knitters, her husband Casey build an infrastructure to support his wife’s idea. The community boosts innovation, inspiration and sales for knitters. It helps them research, share and discuss projects. A perfect example how synergies of people can create ripples, for a niche skill considered as a granny’s art is kept alive and vibrant at Ravelry.

2. Baublebar- For Accessory Lovers

Jewellery and a woman are friends who love to hang out together all the time. Baublebar is just making it possible for to ladies refresh their best company every time. They keep up to their USP – trendy designs, affordable price and quick delivery. All E-Commerce stores are in a rut to pull these attributes but very few are able to keep up their promise.

The company has created a system for customers to spend significant time on site. Get styled section gives an option to chat or video chat in real time with SWAT (Service with Accessorizing Talent). In the recent past, the buried Bauble engagement tactic was a huge success, which increased their customer life time value by 20% . A discounted piece of jewellery was hidden on the website and the customers were sent cues to find the offer item. While searching for the discount, customers shopped  for other items too.

Baublebar has used Facebook and Instagram to showcase new designs every month at a lower price to boost impulse buying. They regularly promote their offers on Facebook to engage their fans and build the community.

3. Dollar Shave Club- For Shaving!

This one requires no introduction after their $1 billion cash acquisition by Unilever. But, how did they get so many buyers for a boring everyday product used by men to shave? Well, they just made the experience enchanting and build a community “Dollar Shave Club,” whose members loved being associated with it. They used every social media channel- Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Vine and a  special way to communicate. The club optimized communication of each platform and utilized it to its benefit especially using humor for higher social engagement. The community is encouraged to post and awarded for uploading the shaving kit picture. A favourite picture is chosen every month and the member gets a free t-shirt.

4. March Of Dimes- For Maternal Health

A non-profit organisation in the US to support mothers with full term pregnancy to avoid premature deliveries. They educate families on pre-natal care and highlight the importance of full 39 week pregnancies.  The organisation uses Facebook as a platform to provide tips and emotional support for expecting mothers. Their Mobile App Cinemama helps pregnant women track their weekly journey. The app itself is boosted with the help of Facebook. The company has a team involved in research for the cause and raises money to support it through events and marketing initiatives. Their Facebook page has more than 6.2 Million fans.

5. Madhava Sweeteners- For Sweets!

The company from Boulder, Colorado has been selling Natural Sweeteners since 1973. The range of products includes honey, cassava, agave, organic syrups made from blueberry, maple and so much more. Feeling tempted? Everyone who likes organic food would love to try these products. Though, their special customers are Moms, they share various recipes using natural sweeteners on Facebook. The platform helps them reach and interact with their audience. Numerous reviews by women being proud of raising families on natural and nutritious form of sweetness are all over the social space. The brand has had many campaigns where they’ve worked with moms as their brand ambassadors.

6. My Halal Kitchen- For Speciality Meat Recipes

Yvonne Maffei introduces new dishes, relished across countries, to Muslims who only eat Halal meat. Her culinary passion has lead to 1.2 Million Facebook Fans in 8 years.  She started sharing her food experiments in the form of recipes and tips on Facebook. Her innovative ideas were loved by readers in search of Halal recipes. What began as word of mouth publicity has developed into a serious following. She has published recipe books and sells few kitchen products through her website “My Halal Kitchen” all backed by the strength of her social community.

What are your favorite communities? Do not forget to share them with us!

Simran Chopra

Simran Chopra

Simran is a writer and social media planner for brands. She works as a contributing writer for Brandanew.
Simran Chopra