Building Your Brand Story: The Power of Asking The Right Questions

Have you been struggling with how exactly you should tell the story of your brand? It’s not just for the consumers, or your social media fans, building a story starts from the point you decide that you will create a new Startup/ firm or launch a new product. Marketers and copywriters struggle on an everyday basis to figure out just the one new way to tell their brand story. A brand maybe successful and even making profits but an average customer does not care about the revenues of the brand. They need something that they can relate to. This is why from a Startup to an established brand, you need to come up with a story that connects. The the best place to start is to harness the power of asking the right questions. You can join the dots, but ask the right questions first… Building Your Brand Story- The Power of Asking The Right Questions

How is your brand creating value?

Guy Kawasaki in his TEDx talk talks beautifully about value. He talks of creating “mantras” as opposed to mission statements. To really document the story of what value your brand is creating, you need to take a step back and internalize it first. Here are some examples that Guy talks through:

If I were the CEO of Wendy’s, I would establish a corporate mantra of “healthy fast food.” End of story. Here are more examples of corporate mantras to inspire you:
Federal Express: “Peace of mind”
Nike: “Authentic athletic performance”
Target: “Democratize design”
Mary Kay “Enriching women’s lives”

Now ask yourself again, what value creation does your brand aspire for? What are the emotional benefits offered by your brand?

What problem does your brand solve? 

Any commercial endeavor must have a prevalent problem or a latent need to address and offer useful solutions. So, what exactly does the brand offerings solve? What is the USP of the product or service? This is the most important part of the brand’s identity.

Apart from the material benefits, a good brand offers intangible value and creates a strong perception of fulfillment. For instance a Rolls Royce will give you a certain sense of prestige and pride. A Porsche would make you feel like you made it. A Smart may make you feel green or city-fit. All these elements must be incorporated in your brand story. 

Who are the competitors? How does the brand counter them?

You can also find a lot of material by exploring the competitors of the brand. In fact old rivals such as Coke and Pepsi or Apple and Microsoft etc. have a lot of interesting shared history between themselves. Find out such anecdotes about the brand and its competitors and share engaging stories.

Where does the brand see itself after 20 years?

Stories of ambition are great motivators. Think through your brand vision in the next 20 years. What does your brand want to be? You need to paint a visionary picture. You need to show how the brand has great plans for itself and also for its customers. This will surely get people interested in the brand and earn their respect.

If the brand were a person, how will he/she be?

Brand personality is an important part of marketing. Even when you are telling a brand story, try to look at it as a person. What human personality traits do you connect it with? This allows you to view the brand with a human lens and also the target audience you can potentially connect with. It can make you realize what is the best way to take the story forward. Building Your Brand Story The Power of Asking The Right Questions

How did the idea of your brand/product originate?

The authentic story behind founding of a company needs to be told. For example, HP founders started off in a garage. Facebook founders were college nerds barely out of their teens. Such stories make for fascinating reading and inspire people. A lot of Apple’s mystique has been developed by the personal story of Steve Jobs. Its products can charge a premium not only because of their quality but also because they have developed an inspiring narrative around a charismatic man. So, always look back and share the one good story hidden out there.

What brand stories are you creating?

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Enakshi Sharma

Digital Storyteller at Brandanew
Enakshi is a storyteller, curator (India Art Fair, 2015), anchor (May Queen, 2015), research associate (Centre for Civil Society, India), a travel writer and a blogger. She's a Digital Storyteller for Brandanew.