Branding Your Startup- Monthly Round Up, June 2015

The month of June just ended, and was full of wonderful energy and creativity at Brandanew. As usual, here’s a round up of all the content we shared with our partners in the last month. The tips are summarized here for all the readers to have a quick overview of various topics and themes. This month we worked a lot with Startups and also shared our own stories. Hopefully some of the takeaways are important for you when branding your Startups!

Branding Your Startup- Monthly Round Up, June 2015 1

Theme 1: Social Media Marketing For Branding Your Startup

a) How to hire social media marketing staff for your Startup is a question that’s not easy for a lean organization. We offer some tips including:

> hire for attitudes not locations (yes, remote IS a thing)
> hire for collaborative ideas
>ensure you’re thinking about marketing ethics when thinking this through!

b) How to manage your social media during summer holidays considering the always-on nature of these networks. Some ways in which social media management for your Startups can be efficient are:

> prioritize your networks (learn which ones work for you)
> use tools that make you efficient
> think about less that may be more
> share your holidays with your consumers (get them holiday pics going on your networks!)

c) Has social media negatively impacted PR? At the beginning many Startups are thinking of bringing in brand visibility and increasing reach through PR. What has changed with social media presence in the digital world? Here are some pros and cons:

> Pros: consumer reach, creative content and online focus groups!
> Cons: new success parameters, competition with bloggers/influencers, focus on numbers not quality

d) Meanwhile, if you’re a young millennial here’s what not to do on social media

> Set goals, tonality for social media
> Create positive/ good social media content and be aware of permissions
> Use tools
> Avoid ineffective social media behavior including: catfishing, trolling or bullying

Theme 2: Content Marketing And Storytelling For Startups

Branding Your Startup- Monthly Round Up, June 2015

a) What’s the future of Brand Storytelling? In an interview with the Irish Tech Times, I shared some thoughts on what brands can expect in the future. Not shockingly, I talked about original, contextual and relevant storytelling not limited to the 1% but using authentic viewpoints.

b) How can your Startup in a small industry niche curate specific content? Our tips on solving the content puzzle and getting up and running with industry content include:

> Scale content curation- Here’s your ultimate guide to content curation as a lean Startup
> Create original content- Also shared in our beginner’s guide to professional blogging
> Optimize content for each network, because, like snowflakes, they’re all different!

c) Why do Startups struggle on content originality? I shared some thoughts with Digital Insights, including:

> poor plagiarism training
> cost saving mentality instead of focus on what’s bringing in value
> focus on short-cuts to success
> belief in the urban legend that the Internet is free (and content requires no investment)

d) How can you get consumers raving about your brand?

> define who you want to reach
> be where the consumers are and listen to them
> optimize brand communication towards the platforms
> create great content!

Theme 3: What a Startup can expect in today’s digital world

Branding Your Startup- Monthly Round Up, June 2015 3

Image source: Flickr 

We were grateful to have plenty of features from media in the past few weeks. These are stories of how we’ve experienced life in our Startup and what we have been learning.

a) What are the things every female Startup founder must be prepared for? Some of the things that I’ve personally experienced.

b) What’s the story behind our Startup journey? – this is the story from Brandanew’s perspective.

c) How can one manage the workings of a lean Startup? – we spoke to several Startup CXOs and they shared their experiences on the pros of being a hands-on CXO specially when running a lean organization.

d) How has digital/social changed today’s organizations?- From new job titles like the Chief Digital Officers to new processes and productivity standards, digital changes the way we work. And we’ve not even seen the full picture yet.

Have a good rest of the week, and please feel free to share your social media questions that we would love to answer!


Upasna Kakroo

Upasna co-founded Brandanew in 2014 for the sheer love of storytelling and authentic connections. She has been blogging and documenting digital stories since 2003.