Branding For Startups: 6 Ways To Create Awareness (At A Shoestring Budget!)

Today, there are zillions of startups across the digital space struggling to create a significant online presence. Sure, company websites are bound to give you a digital footprint but where is the audience to show off your management skills with? Even though businesses across the world are accepting brand awareness generation as a part of their marketing strategies, there are a still a lot many startups that shy away from doing so or make a ‘just for the heck of it’ attempt at it. So, what works when it comes to building brand awareness? Pumping in bags full of money into campaigns, or literally running after the potential audience pleading them to hear you out? Thankfully, none of the two. (Of course, we do a need small bags of money every now and then!). Here are 6 ways startups can build brand awareness without burning a hole in their pockets:

Branding For Startups: 6 Ways To Create Awareness

1. Set the stage, create a hype (Use landing pages please)

Don’t be one of those who are afraid to step out of the changing room to ask for views just because the entire look isn’t ready yet. Strategize and execute a pre-launch hype around your products/ services or for that matter, your release date.

You can make use of customized landing pages to generate more leads from your target audience. Make it to-the-point and catchy, but make sure it is optimized and tested for efficient performance.

Pro Tip: Use Unbounce for all the A/B testing on landing pages.

2. Get the gossip going (No publicity is bad publicity – be good)

Branding For Startups: 6 Ways To Create Awareness (At A Shoestring Budget!)Image source: Social Media Today

Ever heard that if the gossip is worthwhile, the word travels like forest fire? Well, if you haven’t made use of that in the digital world, you probably don’t know who your audience is all too well.

Word of mouth is by far the most effective way of brand promotion and building brand awareness; so ensure your landing page offers value and makes the visitor an offer he cannot refuse – in fact, passes it on as well! At any point in the consumer decision making journey, from the first brand exposure to experiencing your product, be found and be found well!

3. Make content a part of your plan (Or go home!)

The bitter truth of digital marketing is that not many startups take content too seriously – a blog or two per week, occasional tweets and a couple of posts on Facebook, and sorted. NO.

Content marketing is here to stay. It is the technique of using words to deliver experience, usage and value to the customer instead of a sales pitch that resembles that of a door-to-door salesman. Creation of owned media – blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, case studies, etc, is now a must. Not only does this technique help build brand awareness and let customers feel informed, it also helps you rank better on search engines. A win win for everyone!

Tip: Start with sharing your story!

4. Start socializing (Where is that party animal in you?)

This one you have probably (most certainly) heard of before. Similar to word of mouth, the only difference between the two techniques is the expanse of audience you can reach out to using social platforms.

Don’t be all too humble, kick in some enthusiasm and show off your launches on social networks in every way possible – they want videos? You give them exactly that and ask them to share the message in their circles. Just don’t sound too desperate, please?

Tip: Before you start, get your social media toolkit ready!

5. Bring in the showstoppers (The industry big shots with a huge following!)

Branding For Startups: 6 Ways To Create Awareness (At A Shoestring Budget!)

Ever noticed the herds? They just follow each other around and mostly, it is a good thing. But how do you bring in people when you don’t have a following like that? You partner with influencers in the field who have already established their credibility in the eyes of your target audience.

Influencer marketing could include simple interviews, their quotes/ views on certain topics related to the industry and if you could get them to share this post of yours, bam! You have reached more than half your audience already.

6. Be the best host (Keep your audience entertained; you don’t want to lose them!)

What makes people interact with a brand? Either a trending cause or the bribe of an excellent giveaway. After all, who doesn’t like a moment in the limelight or for that matter, free things?

The best way to leverage from human behavior is to engage them in an event or a contest, that nudges them to participate by sharing information about it or your product around in their circles, and bribing them with an award that isn’t really on offer otherwise.

Can you think of any other way to build brand awareness without having to sign up for loans? Feel free to add to this post if you have experience to share or a tip to offer to all those in your field who might just be seeking some advice.

Till then, happy savings!


Vanhishikha Bhargava

Digital Storyteller at Brandanew
A passionate social media marketer, Vanhishikha specializes in content creation, and utilizes her skills to create compelling copy for social media and digital campaigns. She is Brandanew's digital storyteller.