Brandanew Spreading Happiness At TEDx!

Great news trickles down sometimes in ways that we don’t quite expect. Personally, I’ve spent many years inspired by several TED talks. To be invited for a TEDx talk seemed like a far away possibility when we began Brandanew. It’s one of those goals that we didn’t quite set, but secretly hoped for. Because, creating stories is a fascinating job. But being able to share stories at large, and on platforms that we love, is a kind of high that’s hard to replicate. The opportunity arrived this year in May, a mere two months after we started our services! I’d like to say a big thank you to the organizers of the TEDx at GGDSD College,, Chandigarh, India, especially Sachin Pal, who made it possible! Our Chief Happiness Officer, Vatsala was thrilled with the opportunity to share. She talked about creating happiness. Brandanew spreading happiness at TEDx was a dream, and now six months in, it’s time to set new goals already :-).

Brandanew Spreading Happiness at TEDx Chandigarh

Brandanew Spreading Happiness At TEDx

The theme: On Way To Becoming A Chief Happiness Officer

Here’s a quick summary of what Vatsala shared with the TEDx world at Chandigarh:

1. Happy individuals are more motivated, more productive, more creative and according to this longitudinal study may even live longer. The pursuit of happiness is essential !

2. 40% of our happiness comes through intent. We make a choice to be happy!

3. Three simple ways of generating happiness by intent are:

a) Don’t forebode joy- show gratitude everyday
b) Practice Shinrin-Roku, the technique of forest bathing and energize your bodies and souls
c) Give yourself the happiness advantage by creating 21-day habit projects. Learn how to compartmentalize!

4. The key challenges for happiness that you must avoid are:

a) focusing illusion wherein you exaggerate the cause of your happiness,
b) the friendly world syndrome where we compare and feel the whole world’s leading a better life than us,
c) faking happiness and not allowing ourselves to feel a range of emotions.

Once the video is available online, we will share it with everyone here as well.

Why do we have a Chief Happiness Officer? 

This is a topic quite close to the Brandanew core philosophy. We are a creative company, and focus heavily on what makes the team and our culture most productive. We’ve realized that you can’t create originality unless you are in a happy and productive environment. For this reason, working with clients and partners who focus on building a strong work culture, trust and awesome working relationships automatically brings out the best in us!

As a founder of a Startup, it makes me immensely proud when our firm and team gets such wonderful opportunities and platforms to share these stories. It makes me believe in the magic of creativity and setting up a happy work environment too!

What a wonderful weekend this was! I hope you guys are believing in your own magic too 🙂


Upasna Kakroo

Upasna co-founded Brandanew in 2014 for the sheer love of storytelling and authentic connections. She has been blogging and documenting digital stories since 2003.