Weekly Brand Inspiration: Crate & Barrel Email Journeys

2017 is ON and I’m so excited to begin this year with inspiration and creativity. If you’re on our email list, you already got our postcard last week. Each week, I’ll be covering awesome brands that inspire us with sheer creativity, brand experience and storytelling. This week we cover brand email journeys. The example comes from home decor giant, Crate and Barrel. Read on to see how they capture reader imagination by staying close to the customer journey.

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Brand Inspiration: Crate & Barrel’s Email Journeys

Shoppers for home decor are inundated with images, content and ideas from Pinterest inspiration boards, bloggers and a ton of brands. It does take effort to stand out and get customers to take notice. Crate and Barrel is already a known, premium brand, but the way they’ve created their email journeys is inspiring to any brand.

Weekly Brand Inspiration: Crate & Barrel Email Journeys

Target audience: New home owners, or customers who have recently moved into a new home.

Strategic partnership to get email addressesWhen people change homes, one of the things they often worry about is changing their postal address. Strategically, Crate and Barrel has partnered with US Post to share coupons with customers trying to change their address. Coupons are given in exchange of an email address naturally.

Email journeys: Crate and Barrel is not the only brand that’s partnered with the post office. But they’re the only ones who seem to have understood the customer journey. Here are some examples of email headlines they sent along:

Email 1 headline: Welcome to Crate and Barrel

Email 2 headline: Welcome to entertaining made easy

Email 3 headline: Congrats! There is no place like a new home

Email 4 headline: Sofa or Sectional – what’s right for your new space?

Email 5 headline: Tips on hosting the perfect housewarming party

Weekly Brand Inspiration: Crate & Barrel Email Journeys

Now imagine yourself setting up a new home. We’ve all had that experience one time or the other. The brand starts with a brand welcome and follows it up with what the brand stands for. This is followed up immediately by putting the customer at the heart of the communication. They directly answer questions which most new home owners are pondering upon in the first few weeks of moving in.

Weekly Brand Inspiration: Crate & Barrel Email Journeys

These emails follow all the hygiene factors: they’re mobile optimized, visually attractive and pull in the user with the most relevant links. The content is directly linked to the promise the headline shows. The images and the content of the emails shared highlight the premium statement that the brand makes. Basically, the brand experience matches the reader expectations.

And the good news is that email journeys like this can be automated using tools like Mailchimp, ExactTarget and others. You can use existing brand content like Instagram images, blogs and other material directly for these emails. What’s not to like?

What brand examples have you been inspired with?


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