August Roundup: What Are The Most Effective Content Marketing Strategies?

I’m going to start with news that’s closest to my heart. Those of you who receive our weekly postcards already know this. We’ve had a little change at Brandanew, and have a new office now in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the United States. Our German love and team stays, but the official correspondence office and personally my coordinates are now colored maize and blue :-). It’s an exciting new change, and I can’t wait to share all our midwest experiences with you all in our regular roundups. This month, as always, I will also share the tips we’ve been sharing all month long across the world wide web and the insights we’ve learned. From managing a baby Startup to the most effective content marketing strategies, read through further…



Theme 1: What Are The Most Effective Content Marketing Strategies?

  i) Create compelling long form content

Late in July, a group of about 45 content marketing experts shared what are the most effective content marketing strategies in their own experiences. A ton of helpful advice, that you need to check here. My top tip here was to create long form content. For instance, Whitepapers or presentations. As B2B partners tend to be detail oriented high quality content is a great way to engage with them. B2B markets almost force you to show your thought leadership in a given market and therefore, it is critical that you share your insights! And being primarily a B2B content marketing and branding agency ourselves, this is not lost on us. We will soon be sharing exclusive research we’ve worked on with a German university, in fall- soon!

ii) Create a culture of Content

As a Startup or a small business, the way to get all your Content marketing initiatives to gain steam and work for you effectively is to create a culture of content. As I told you last month, I’m a featured contributor at SheOwnsIt which has a wonderful community to learn with. I talked about why does your Startup need a culture of content for the readers there, and I urge you to take a quick look! For a quick summary:

a) poor content culture leads to a circle of failure,
b) with a great culture of content you are likely to reach your goals sooner,
c) a culture of content will enable you to build great employee ambassadors!

iii) Avoid making mistakes that make you look unprofessional

As a follow up to the best practices, I’m eager to share something that you should not be caught doing! Working with brands and trying to be aware of the industry trends also exposes us to a lot of brand fails in the content marketing and social media industry. Here are 5 terrible social media mistakes that you may be making and need to avoid at all cost!

Theme 2: How To Stay Creative While Busy In Your Startup

  i) Get out and network with REAL people 🙂

This month, I shared my tips on creativity while you’re fighting deadlines and time pressures in your Startup. Quick summary of the tips:

a) you must get out in the open and refresh,
b) network with others,
c) use productivity and time saving tools,
d) share your knowledge with your friends and critics!,
e) cross-train for growth!

What are you fave tips? Do share with me in the comments section!

ii) Make meaningful advances for work-life integration!

Work-life balance in a Startup can be a tough one, so while we all try to remain creative and fight it out, some glaring statistics stare us in the face. Work life balance, for all we know may be dead in our bathrooms (yes, I know a whole 53 percent of us are all responding to Emails quietly). Instead of crying about work-life balance, I’m now thinking, we must fully embrace the work-life integration into our busy lives and focus on making it meaningful. What do you think?

iii) Maintain balance!

How to maintain your balance? Read my LinkedIn post here. Key points:

a) get a hobby
b) go walking!
c) meditate
d) keep the phone away- detox!
e) say no, when you have to!

Theme 3: How To Select A Content Marketing Agency?

  i) Avoid these brand pitfalls when working with Content agencies and freelancers!

On the regular monthly post on Digital insights, I shared the brand pitfalls to avoid while working with freelancers or agencies. This post seemed to be hitting the pain points well, and was syndicated by the folks at Business2Community as well. Though they won’t let me fill in my author profile or respond to my comments to them. Ah well ( things not to do when Brandanew is a 10X company ;-)). Anyhoo, coming back to the topic, the key aspects when choosing the right agency are:

a) communicate and communicate and communicate. Poor feedback on either end does not work
b) hire based on the quality of experience (here’s how we define content marketing experts)
c) trust the agency to know their topics and learn from their outside-in experiences!

ii) Why choose Brandanew as your Content Marketing agency?

Just how many Content marketing agencies do you know which got invited to a TEDx conference in the first two months of starting up? 🙂 We believe quality work is noticed! And so was our focus on keeping happiness as the center of our work environment so that our teams are creative and productive. When you invest in your brand and trust us, we make you proud of your decision, naturally!


Guess WHERE Brandanew Is Going Next? #TEDx We’re Coming! 🙂

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Besides that, our team in toto has real work and global experience of 94 years between us. That’s a human lifetime. And we’re still so young! 🙂

When people ask me personally, what’s unique about us, I also let them know that I’ve now lived in four countries. And most of our team members are travelers and remote workers. It may seem vain. But the truth is, the more multi-cultural we are, the more nuanced our listening and storytelling becomes. Like this Frank Herbert quote that I’m reminded of today:

August Roundup: What Are The Most Effective Content Marketing Strategies? Brandanewco

Till next month then, stay creative! 🙂

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