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No, no adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time!

- Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland)

About Us


Brandanew was started with a belief today's online world is not any different from the analog world before. From the cavemen in Ajanta to the modern Shakespears and Ghalibs, stories keep us alive. There's enough proof to show that today's online consumers are just as fascinated by compelling stories that make them react or see things differently. Good stories are shared. They catch on and become iconic.

Storytelling or content marketing by brands is not new. From the Michelin restaurant guide to P&G's soap operas, it has been around a while. In a world of me-toos and perceived information overload, we do believe that the ultimate differentiator is still the good old story- well told. The platforms and mediums sure may have changed, but a well crafted idea is all that stays.

How could you make your story better?

A better way to tell your brand story

Our approach

To help your brands connect with consumers in a more engaging and authentic manner, you need to tell your story in a meaningful way. Whether you sell pipes, pens or amazing books, our job is to help you unlock the magic in your story and translate that into branding that your consumers love. We flip your story from being all about your amazing products to being all about your consumers. And they love it!


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Here are some ideas that inspire our approach!




Upasna Kakroo, CEO Brandanew

Upasna has been named as one of the global top women in tech by Irish tech times in 2014. Upasna is a double post graduate with a Master's in business administration (MBA, Marketing) from Germany and Master's (MS) in Telecom policy from Scotland, U.K. She has a bachelor's in Electronics and Telecommunications engineering from India. In her 12+ year old career so far, she first worked as a software engineer, a senior researcher specializing on the impact of Internet & Technologies in South Asia, online consumer behavior, marketing strategies, social media, SEO and Content Marketing. Her previous experiences include: McKinsey & Co., Rocket Internet, Experteer etc. Upasna is a published author and a conference speaker. She has been an avid blogger since 2003.

Uday Kakroo, Director Brandanew

Dr. Uday Kakroo is a veterinarian by education (MVSc./BVSc., India) and he has over 37 years of active professional experience working with the government, private and social organizations in India at various senior positions. He co-founded Millennium India Education Foundation, a non-government organization  in 2003, aimed mainly at community building and health awareness. In the recent past, his projects have included the revival of an old Indian script- Sharada by capacity building measures. He also organizes seminars and has published books on awareness building around Zoonosis (diseases communicated from animals to humans).