9 Ridiculously Simple Ways To Maximize Your Online Presence

Online presence and brand awareness go hand in hand – you can’t just work on one, thinking the other will catch up on its own. As a matter of fact, most marketing experts say that the way you present yourself online is much the same as the first impression you make on a person – person in point being, the customer. So if you’re an entrepreneur driving your personal brand, a Startup or an author promoting your book, today I’ll go through some ridiculously simple ways to maximize your online presence! Let’s get started on this one.

Your online presence – or an online brand, is what people think and talk about when you’re not around. And with the competition picking up, I’m pretty sure you don’t want them feeling weird. Here is the secret sauce towards ensuring you keep things magical.

9 ridiculously simple wys to maximize your online presence

1. Be consistent about who you are

Most brands often hop from one business message to the other, in the hope that they will be able to impress their target audience with their diversity. But the truth is, these brands just end up looking like the jack of all trades and a master of none – something that does not impress the super informed digital generation. Be consistent about how you project yourself and in what domain – you can build an authority only when you can streamline yourself to one field!

2. Optimize your website

You don’t need to pump in thousands to create a fancy website – but ensure that the one you have is optimized for two things: performance and SEO. Opt for simpler and responsive web layouts for your website. For SEO performance, you may need to shortlist the keywords that you want your online brand to be associated with. WordStream offers an effective and free keyword niche finder, that you can start with right away.

3. Become socially available

No one is asking you to attend every function or event held in the city, but with social media creates a special opportunity. It is becoming a common thing amongst all age groups and you might just want to sign up on the various platforms and work towards becoming more active online. Social media marketing promotes visibility, brand loyalty, recognition and also helps you establish a loyal community built by people from across the world!

4. Start a blog

Yes, you must have heard this before – but the chances are that the person who recommended starting a blog is someone who knows of the power it holds. A blog increases your online presence, gives you an online home base, improves search engine ranking and validates your brand and increases its overall reach.  You can use the blog to build relatability to a product or service and take over the boring sales pitch. Blogs allow you to build storylines that can be a fit into the day-to-day lives of your consumers. 

5. Share quality content

If you’re starting to build your blog for creating an online presence now, there’s just no way out of this one. Creating and sharing quality, relevant content is the best way to gain online visibility – be it in terms of SEO or just building a community of active followers on social media. Content marketing helps build trust in your target audience that is bound to last you longer than a 30 second sales pitch.

6. Don’t be boring

Sharing quality content doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to maintain the same tone and create only one kind of posts. Get creative and try out different ways to put out your brand message – images, snackable content, infographics, video marketing, contests, etc. And if you run out of ideas, get back to our cheatsheet to finding more ideas for great content.

7. Pick a not-so-fancy but functional handle

Let’s face facts – you’re known more by the social handle you make use of across different social platforms instead of your actual name. Try and keep a consistent handle on all the platforms you’re present on, and opt for something that people can remember easily. You don’t want them landing up on your competitor’s profile because of one missing letter!

8. Press release marketing

Press release marketing is one of the most effective and inexpensive way to build your online brand visibility. And if the site you get featured on is search engine optimized, you might just bag some extra coverage!  Learn the hacks to the perfect PR pitch.

9. Devise a strong and compelling mantra

Associate yourself with a tagline that not just works for your brand, but also gives your target audience a reason to associate themselves with you. But before you go online with your mantra, keep in mind – it is the one line that can make or break your brand.

How are you going about creating an online presence? Feel free to share some tips, tricks and hacks you have used till date by dropping a comment in the box below.


Vanhishikha Bhargava

Digital Storyteller at Brandanew
A passionate social media marketer, Vanhishikha specializes in content creation, and utilizes her skills to create compelling copy for social media and digital campaigns. She is Brandanew's digital storyteller.