7 Types Of Photos Your Social Media Fans Will Engage With

Facebook’s organic reach has been a matter of concern for many marketers. Unless they really engage with your content, your content may not even reach the relevant newsfeed. You can have thousands of followers on your Facebook page but still have posts that no one really engages with. Having no engagement on posts is the social media equivalent of talking to yourself – it shouldn’t happen. Posting more photos your social media fans will engage with can help your brand. Photo posts account for 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook. 

Up the ante of your Facebook page by focusing on the kind of photos you share. Here are a few that matter!

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7 Types Of Photos Your Social Media Fans Will Engage With Brandanew

1. The stories in images picture

Drive your content through images. Instead of posting the link of an article, post a photo from the article and a summary of the story. This forms a picture story that your followers can relate to. 

Don’t post photos sporadically, have a set time for your picture posts. Use social media automation to save time and reach your audience. This Humans of New York-esque way telling stories gives the gist of your content to your followers. At the end of the story you can post the URL. This raises awareness about the kind of content you share, and builds curiosity which will get them to click more than a headline would.

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Example: Sometimes, fans want to know the story without leaving the confines of Facebook. Posting a picture with the story helps fans keep in touch with the company’s content without going to the company’s website.

A Mighty Girl, a page dedicated to raising confident girls, uses this technique for its posts. They share a picture of a female role model with a summary of her achievements, followed by a url to the story on their website.

7 Types Of Photos Your Social Media Fans Will Engage With Brandanew

image via Might girl Facebook page linked above

2. The selfie with celebrity picture

Since the time the word selfie officially got added into the dictionary, there has been no escaping it. There are a whopping one million plus selfies taken everyday, and 48% are put up on Facebook.

To make your selfie stand out, take it with a person of interest in your area. Lot of celebrities might come down to your city for events, try chatting them up into taking a picture with you. It’s an informal way of getting them to endorse your brand.

Whatever tactic you use, this move will definitely increase your brand’s street credibility on Facebook.

Example: Famous YouTuber ‘Superwoman’ loves posting selfies on social media. While her pictures usually get tens of thousands of likes, her selfie with pop singer Selena Gomez got more than a hundred thousand likes. This shows the kind of engagement star power can add!

3. The cuteness-overloaded picture

Also known as the ‘aww’ factor, seeing a cute photo on Facebook increases the probability that it will be liked. Baby photos and dog photos fall under this category. As a brand this may be possible if you work on pet products, or just share a weekend post/ team post with pets for humanizing the brand.

Psychologists say that animals are the best therapists. Just seeing a photo of a pet can make one feel calmer. This translates well into social media too, as seeing a picture of a furry cat or a happy dog acts as a stress buster to people.

Example: Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants has a good pet policy–they welcome pets in their establishments. They love their four-legged guests as much as their two-legged ones. They make their love for pets obvious by posting dog photos on Facebook.

Check out their photos, you will see it’s filled with cute dogs of employees and guests. It humanizes their brand and also gets their followers gushing!

4. The inspirational dose picture

Photos that inspire followers are a big hit. They can be quotes from sportsmen, actors, politicians, etc. You can also put dialogs from movies or quote a book.

Make sure the motivational quote pertains to what your business does. If you are running a fitness company, post a quote about getting fit. If you run a bookstore, post a quote about the importance of reading.

Example: Mused is a page that celebrates art. It shares inspirational quotes about creativity. This is because it wants to help support the arts and the artists. 

The followers find an emotional connect with the inspirational content.

5. The trending events picture

Facebook has 936 million daily active users. This means, you’ve to keep churning out something everyday to keep them coming back for more. Celebrating something newsworthy, i.e, something trending on Facebook can peak your follower’s interest.

Pick a national event like Independance Day or a public holiday. You can keep the visuals ready prior to the event, if it’s a holiday you can just schedule the post.  There’s also World Coffee Day, World Dog Day, etc. to watch out for. Utilize the day by making shareable content for it.

Example: MTV might get flack for not being a real music channel anymore, but no one can criticize their social media skills. They put up photos for the winter holidays, Valentine’s Day, etc. alongside posts of performances by musicians. That certainly keeps them up the charts of their fans! 

6. The thank you picture

Whether it’s for reaching a milestone likes or for active participation in a contest, showing gratitude will take you a long way. Every now and then put up a thank you out to your fans telling them why they are the best!

Spreading love to your fans will bring it back around. At least that’s what karma tell us! Fans like being appreciated and this will get your brand some brownie points.

Example: A charity that aims to have safe water and dignity of a toilet for all, Water.org has many supporters. Helping to improve the sanitation, clean water and hygiene conditions is no easy task.

Water.org acknowledges that and posts a photo thanking their supporters whenever they reach a goal.

7. The days-of-the-week hashtags picture

It’s no more just #TBT or #FlashbackFriday ruling the roost. #MondayMotivation #TravelTuesday and more–brands are creating the rules as they go. The main aim is to have followers keep coming back for more each week.

These hashtags give new reasons for your brand to share more photos.

Example: Ellen Degeneres’ official Facebook page has a ton of photos from her sets and other things. A classic post that she puts up on Wednesdays is #YoureWelcomeWednesdays.

The photo contains a tip every Wednesday that fans know that they can expect.


Whether you want to share a ‘stories with image’ picture or an ‘inspirational quotes’ picture, there is one thing you should keep in mind – the picture should reflect your brand. Focus on being personalized in your photos.

One type may work better than the other for your brand. Sticking to one type of picture can also gives your fans a feeling of familiarity. If you try different picture types, make sure you don’t post them too close together.

Don’t forget to have fun with the kind of photos you post, your followers will like the spontaneity!

What are some of your favorite Facebook posts that work for your brands? Don’t forget to share them with us in the comments or on Twitter.

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