7 Things That Make Brand Storytelling Authentic

Storytelling is probably as old as the human race. However, all stories begin to sound clichéd over time and it is necessary to infuse some authenticity and freshness. With the overload of information and media nowadays, it is hard to achieve the results that a firm may need to go beyond the buzzwords, and create something noteworthy and remarkable. So, let us have a look at a few things that can help us in presenting a more authentic voice through our brand stories. Here are the essential aspects that make brand storytelling authentic.

7 Things That Make Brand Storytelling Authentic

7 Things That Make Brand Storytelling Authentic

1. Tell Your Own Story:
Generic stories are passé. The conventional formulas have been done to death- do not send the same PR release to everyone you meet or know- doesn’t work. The easiest way to bring a fresh perspective is through your own voice. Every human being is unique. And behind every real brand or a Startup is a story of its founders and team. So, before looking at anywhere else, internalize. How did you even get to starting your own brand? That itself may turn out to be the most interesting story ever.

2. Play With the Structure- The New Bottle May Work:
Conventionally stories have a defined structure- a beginning, a mid-portion and an end. However, it does not always have to be in the same order. From Citizen Kane to Memento, many great works have subverted the very way stories are told. Do not hesitate to experiment. Go non-linear or even reverse it if that works. Sometimes just the change of order can make the story look new, and authentically your own.

<Editor’s note: For the Startups that are struggling that they have the same story for each new content piece or blog post, this is a great tip! >

3. Cash in on the Quirk:
Beauty versus geek stories are hardly new. Yet, everybody loves Sheldon Cooper. The difference is the quirk. Eccentricities can make your look weird, but you can also come across as exceptional and interesting. It is not just about who you are, but how well you play with these characteristics and present yourself. Be brave and showcase the real you!

4. Target Raw Emotions:
Even as the machines rise, nothing warms the human heart like genuine emotions. People look for emotions that they can connect to and root for. Understand your target audience and figure out what emotions to aim for through the story. If the story is able to evoke the right emotion, they won’t require any more convincing afterwards. Emotions are authentic and leave a strong imprint in the consumer mindshare.

5. Develop Relatable Brand Identities:
One dimensional personality does not engage anyone. Yet, not every character has to be a righteous and immaculate. You need to develop an identity that is humane, with the qualities as well as flaws. A realistic personality is more relatable and hence the story becomes more authentic. Draw from your own persona or that of the people you know to build up.

6. Add a Dash of Humor:
Humor always works. But it is not easy to make people laugh with so many memes and viral videos floating all over the web. The humor can be sublime or shocking or slapstick. You need to know what is preferred by your audience and suited to your brand. Ensure that you do not show desperation by repeating the same banal jokes what someone forwarded on Whatsapp. Create a memorable brand, not a copy.

7. Keep Up the Curiosity:
Finally, a little bit of suspense always works. This is not a formula that is new by any means. But you can perhaps agree that it remains the most popular and enduring element in storytelling. Do not just give away everything and always keep people guessing. If you are able to build curiosity, it will also make create a conversation starter and give your audience the social currency to discuss and get the story to spread further.

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Enakshi Sharma: Enakshi (@mayukhi0511) is a storyteller, curator (India Art Fair, 2015), anchor (May Queen, 2015), research associate (Centre for Civil Society, India), a travel writer and a blogger. Her stories have been published with the North East Review, Kashmirwalla, Artsome, Travellingslacker among other places.

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