7 Social Media Marketing Habits That Lead To Failure

George Washington said, “99% of failures come from those that make excuses.” If your campaigns are using a range of social media marketing habits that lead to failure, then it’s time to make a change. Social media marketing (SMM) not working is simply a sign that you need to identify what’s going wrong and try again. Trial and error is the only way you will consistently improve and grow your campaigns. There is a “use” in “excuse”, but it is only employed by those that fail. I’m listing down the top mistakes marketers make and I hope you avoid these for your brands!

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7 Social Media Marketing Habits That Lead To Failure Brandanew

7 Social Media Marketing Habits That Lead To Failure


1 – Posting For The Sake Of Posting

This is a novice mistake and one of the primary social media marketing habits that lead to failure. Sure, you may get more prominence if you post more often. But, not if all you are posting is junk and fluff. Your audience will soon learn to avoid you and disengage. This has a direct impact on how social media algorithms view your content, especially on Facebook. Your content will stop showing up on the newsfeed of your community, and be pushed down.

2 – Bending To The Will Of Troll

People posting unrelated comments do not know what is best for your campaign, company, product or service. These highly vitriol comments are a loud minority; they are not the silent majority. If you are going to change the way you do things, then use other metrics rather than a few nasty comments. These comments should be used as a prompt to check your campaign is running as planned. 

3 – Over-Pruning The Weeds In Your Comment Section

There are going to be people that say bad things, and some of them you need to leave where they are. When people are disgruntled with your products or services, you need to take action in a place that you can control. If they see that you are removing all negative press from your social media profiles, then they will start posting on websites that you cannot control or monitor. It is important not to ignore any genuine concerns your audience may be sharing. Do not forget to respond- by picking up the phone, if the comments are negative. These are warning signs and symptoms of the real issue. Here are a few more tips on how not to respond to negative comments.

4 – The Improper Use Of Influencers

The best example of this occurred in November 2012, when Oprah Winfrey was paid by Microsoft to promote their Surface mobile device. Sure, she did, but she sent the tweet on her iPad, whereupon most of her followers wondered why she wasn’t using a Surface instead of an iPad. It was a classic case of the misuse of an influencer, and it is more common than you think. If Influencers suddenly start to like something because they are paid to, their followers react badly.

7 Social Media Marketing Habits That Lead To Failure Brandanew 2

source of image: CNN

5 – Getting Angry At Your Commenters

It hurts when people criticize your work and your efforts. No matter what you do, there are going to be people that do not like it and simply share criticism. Reacting badly and aggressively as you try to defend your work, product, advert, business or service is a terrible idea. It can make the situation far worse. It is just like when a child runs up to you at a kid’s party and calls you a poopy head. Flinging the child across the room won’t help anyone.

6 – Campaigns Without Goals And Goals Without Deadlines

Your social media campaign needs to have very specific goals. Setting targets on the number of conversions and views is fine, but they are only a small part of your goals system. You need very specific business goals and steps on how to reach them.

If you have business goals for your social media marketing, then it is imperative that your goals have deadlines. If you have not reached your goals by the deadlines, then readjust your methods, set new deadlines and try again. [Tweet “A goal without a deadline is a wish, and a campaign without goals is a waste of resources.”]

7 – Going For The Sell Before You Have Educated Your Viewer

This has to be one of the most common mistakes that social media marketing professionals and companies make. Usually they make this mistake because their clients want them to justify their expenses. The social media marketing professionals and companies need quick results to prove to their clients that the investment in their services is valid. Ergo, social media marketing moves are made that concentrate on getting conversions over influencing people and building relationships with them. It is a hump-and-dump method that does the same for a company as it does for a person on the dating scene–it leaves both of them lonely and disenchanted.

Are you inadvertently incorporating some of these social media marketing habits that lead to failure ? How are you overcoming the challenges? Do share your inputs with us!

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