7 Signs That Your Content Marketing Strategy Needs Work

While talking to clients and Startups, many often get into Content Marketing with a sort of skepticism, questioning the ROI of content.  Content is a long term investment- like branding your Startup or company is. There are different ways to check the progress of your Content Marketing initiatives and setting smart goals. Not getting leads or traffic or achieving business goals is a symptom of something being off in your strategy. One way to identify the viability of your efforts is to pick up on the signs show that your Content Marketing strategy needs work

7 signs that your content marketing strategy needs work

7 Signs That Your Content Marketing Strategy Needs Work

1. Lack of appreciation: This includes favorites from your social media community, engagement with your social media postings and feedback from those that care, including your clients. No news is bad news. So, if your content is not being appreciated by anyone, you need help on your Content Marketing strategy

2. Lack of original ideas/content: Have you caught yourself looking at competitors, or others that inspire you and picking up their strategies and adopting them without any original addition? Growth hacking does not mean copying. For your personal or professional brands, adding labels to your profiles without understanding them but merely because you copied what someone did on Twitter is a poor judgement call.

3. Difficulty in coming up with content ideas: Do you see yourself spending time looking at the ceiling for hours without coming up with a single content idea? Get out there and collaborate with your team! Consistent content blocks mean you need external help.

4. The wrong rationale for Content Marketing: A friend of mine did a great post on this topic for Social media and it’s equally true for content marketing. Some wrong reasons for picking up Content marketing include- my competitor is doing it; it is free; I will get all of Google’s traffic in a month through spammy link building. Content marketing strategies are work. You need to have a clear idea of why you’re investing in a Content Marketing Strategy.

5. The wrong metrics for Content Marketing: Number of Twitter followers, Facebook followers is not useless. But the most important aspect is: choosing and prioritizing platforms and channels that give you more business. Buying out Twitter followers is not going to help your business or products even if it allows you to have large social followings.

6. No investment in the culture of Content: Culture is best defined as something that is experienced and also “the way we do things here”. A culture of content means cross-functional and cross-departmental collaborations, extended teams for creating original ideas and curating content, lack of blaming and putting all responsibilities on one team or one person. Building a culture of content is a necessary condition when you’re moving towards scaling content.

7. Believing that Content Marketing and the Internet is free: From Google images to sharing content on social media, nothing is free. Nothing that requires patience, effort and time is free. So, if you still believe in this urban legend, you are perhaps doing it wrong.

What other signs of a poor Content Marketing strategy implementation would you add to this?


Upasna Kakroo

Upasna co-founded Brandanew in 2014 for the sheer love of storytelling and authentic connections. She has been blogging and documenting digital stories since 2003.