Blogger Alert: 7 Signs That Your Blogging Needs Help

Let me start this with a couple of assumptions – the first that your brand is running a blog and the second, that you really want to be a good blogger but aren’t really going anywhere with it.  No matter what you write, how you write and how many times you rehash your content strategy, the results are far from those expected. It could be signs that your blogging needs help. If you are totally new, start with our beginner’s guide here.

Most of us are many-a-times running multiple marketing errands, and often miss the call for help by our blogs. But is it really necessary for us to wait till our daily views drop exponentially to do something about our blog? No.

Since prevention is always better than cure, here are 7 signs your blog is screaming for help!

7 Signs That Your Blogging Needs Help Quotes

Blogger Alert: : 7 Signs That Your Blogging Needs Help

1. You’re not getting daily analytics in your inbox

Even though most of us believe in checking the blog analytics once a week – manually, it is important to track analytics every single day to ensure growth. Considering that you can’t really set aside time and delve into the numbers every time, set up your blog on an analytics tool that delivers the overall performance of your blog’s analytics right to your inbox – everyday. Because if you can’t tell me what your conversion rate is at any given point of time, it is probably not mention-worthy. Also, track where you’re getting your traffic from. Know your top 3 sources!

Solution: Google analytics is a great tool for monitoring blogs; it is easy to set up, sends daily emails and most importantly, it is free.

2. Your email list isn’t increasing

The whole idea behind sharing content related to your field is to form the image of an authority in the same, and attract more people. And by that I mean, more subscribers and an increasing email list. A reader visiting your blog may or may not be your potential customer. If your brand has name, they’ll trust everything you say; but if they don’t, they are never coming back to your blog.

Solution:  Use Crazy Egg to get an in-depth view into a visitors behavior when he visits your website. It will point out the most ignored as well as the most viewed parts of your website depending on the visitor behavior it collects over a set period of time.

3. You’re not getting relevant traffic

One of the prime reasons for a stagnant email list is the fact that your blog practices aren’t driving in relevant traffic. The traffic depends heavily on the SEO practices you are following for each of your blog posts – the keywords, meta-descriptions, SEO titles, etc. Lack of knowledge in optimizing your posts results in Google categorizing them for the wrong tags – the ones you’re really not aiming at.

7 Signs That Your Blogging Needs Help Blogger altert

Solution: A great way to ensure that your posts are optimized, is to create a list of keywords your brand is focussing on beforehand and then use a tool like Yoast to check how well you have done. The tool basically guides you through the basic requirements for optimization of your posts.

4. You’ve made no blogging friends

Let’s be honest, a blog cannot run solely on one person’s shoulders. Every writer hits a roadblock every now and then, and if your blog hasn’t made friends to help him out of it, it’s probably going to stay there for a while. Blogging friends are guest bloggers who want to contribute to your blog on a regular basis, in lieu of a little self promotion. If you haven’t got requests for guest posts yet, you might want to check back on the tonality of your blogs – whether they are interactive and conversational enough.

<< btw, quick tip: you CAN now guest post at the Brandanew blog too, see here>>

Solution: Now you can’t really force your writer into creating conversational copies ‘all the time’, so ensure you create a separate section for inviting guest posts. Don’t forget to mention the basic guidelines for submission, to save yours and the guest blogger’s time.

5. You’re not publishing regularly

Ever heard of the saying, “Lack of consistency can bring on a lack of interest”? Well, the same holds true for your blog site. If you’re not publishing regularly, your readers are eventually going to lose interest and look for alternatives ; which might also mean, that they look for alternate products and services apart from those being offered by your brand.

Solution: Analyse the days on which your blog gets maximum traffic. Make sure you publish at least one post on one of those days to increase the engagement levels – maintain a consistency that is easy to follow for the readers.

6. Your blogs aren’t a hit on social media

Another sign of a poor blog is the one that doesn’t get socially shared. Social media is today, the biggest platform for sharing content and if you’re not getting sufficient engagement there, your social strategy needs to be re-worked on.

Solution: Personally, I prefer using Buffer for this. It lets you schedule posts at the right time of the day after analysing when your audience is the most active. Also, ensure that your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest strategies go hand-in-hand (with just minor differences that come with the change of platform).

And the last but most visible sign,

7. You don’t really have a content plan in place

This isn’t really a sign; it is just something that you will know if you’re the one working on content. Analyse your audience over time – what topics they like, the type of content they share, the times at which they are the most active, the platforms they prefer socialising over and so on. After you have the basics in place, create a content plan for at least a month. List down the possible blog topics you’ll be covering, the keywords you’re going to focus on and how you will market each one of these posts. Please don’t make random videos with “no content” as the selling feature. Or a blog post just with images. Seriously, everyone IS yawning.

7 Signs That Your Blogging Needs Help

Solution: Pick a day for only strategizing. This should be one of those days when your audience isn’t really active. If you can’t think for a month, ensure you plan at least a week ahead. Brainstorming with your team is a great way to bring in fresh ideas!

Do you recognise with any of these signs? Is your blog suffering from bad blogging? Don’t hesitate to ask us for help!

Well, we just told you what to do. So, happy blogging!


Vanhishikha Bhargava

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