6 Components Of Branding Your Startup Where You Need Experts

Branding guidelines are available everywhere – even on a quick Google search when you’re going ahead with branding your Startups. Yet, very many Startups and small businesses remain rather thin on the implementation. The perceptions your brand creates will keep differing from each person who feels differently about your brand. While you can’t cater to every single type of audience, it is important to stay true to your target audience and consumers. As a Startup busy in setting up client processes, channels and products, you seldom have the relevant and right resources for branding your Startup. This is where an expert comes in. Here are 6 components of branding your startup that you need experts for!

6 Components Of Branding Your Startup Where You Need Experts

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6 Components Of Branding Your Startup Where You Need Experts

1. Naming Your Startup Brand / Products / Services/URL: We selected Brandanew because we believe that Content Marketing allows you to do just that, brand anew. And tell your brand Stories in a more impactful manner. Getting stuck with a name that you later regret, or are stuck with is not an option. Your Startup brand name effects your URL, your social media handles and most importantly your brand perception. Changing brand perceptions is expensive, and at times, not even possible. Usually an expert will allow you to think beyond the obvious, give you an outside-in view and more importantly, allow you to think beyond the current problems at hand. They can also share the pros and cons of having a brand name. For instance, if it’s too generic, too low on recall value and other such factors.

2. Defining Your Brand Elements: Tonality, Typography, Design, Logo: Clearly before you start all these elements need to be in order. Usually as you start collaborating with customers and clients, branding elements will be needed on an everyday basis. Get an expert to help you find these elements and visualize them for you. A logo says a lot about your brand. One of my favorite logos comes from TUI, a travel company in Germany. They emphasize on a travel service, that is more than a smile. Typography and design is often not given precedence, but don’t be a B2B company targeting CXO with a thousand fonts and colors on your brand site.

6 Components Of Branding Your Startup Where You Need Experts

Image: From TUI.com group website

3. Defining Your Brand / Marketing Strategy: Documented branding or marketing strategies tend to work far more successfully than something that you have in your mind and can’t find time to execute. You need to have your strategy documented

4. Crafting Your Startup Social Media Brand: From your social media handles, to the brand voice/presence on each platform, optimization, to what your goals are needs to be well documented. And an industry expert can help you do that, also ensuring that the latest technology tools are used in the process.

5. Crafting Your Brand Website Copy: It’s like a business card, you need to have it! Most customers and clients will need to search your brand online once they meet you. It is critical to be able to showcase your best face with the clients. You may choose your tonality, design and other factors based on your own brand, but you need to be up and running with a responsive brand website that tells your story in a compelling way.

6. Defining Your Content Marketing Plan: From what your content marketing goals are to measurement tactics to how to best implement these, you need help. Even if you have great internal resources, it always makes sense to get some external expert for an outside-in analysis. Get all your branding, SEO, content creation, tools and other topics covered!

What are you struggling with while branding your Startup? Do let me know!


Upasna Kakroo

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