50 Must Have Features to Include in Your Small Business Website

It’s tough to survive in today’s highly competitive market. It’s almost impossible to thrive without a solid online presence. A website has become one of the most important aspects of a brand’s online marketing strategy. Without an optimized brand website, your small business will not stand out. Most modern customers are used to easy access of information online and expect a well designed site. Even when they visit your brick and mortar store, customers research your brand on their phones. Do you offer a site design experience that customers find engaging?

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What does it take to have an engaged site?

A website needs to create a strong brand perception. Your small business has a ton of other competitors who are also vying for customer attention. To stand out, you need to build on a solid online foundation.

You’ll notice all great websites have some features in common. For instance, every website has a header with a logo, a tagline, a call to action, a footer with contact information, social media buttons etc. This set format is reliable and enhances customer experience.

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The infographic below lists 50 features that all websites should have to be successful. When you discuss your website with a web developer, don’t forget to think through these features. You will need to optimize a feature set for your business and keep it consistent with your brand.

Where will you start?

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50-must-have-features-to-include-in-your-small-business-website-piyushAbout Guest Author: Piyush Mangukiya  is the founder and Managing Partner of 99MediaLab, a Virginia inbound marketing agency helping small businesses with mobile responsive websites, SEO, social media marketing and PPC campaigns. This infographic has been created by 99MediaLab


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