50 Creative Storytelling Ideas For Your Brands

In our recently concluded Digital marketing and brand storytelling workshop, we shared a list of 50+ creative storytelling ideas for your brands! And now for our larger audience here at Brandanew, we’re happy to have these creative ideas listed. Which ones have you employed already? And which of these do you believe will work for your brands?

We were thrilled by the feedback that our workshop participants shared and will be uploading their feedback videos soon. We’ll keep you posted for future workshops online and offline! And so, without further ado, here are brand storytelling ideas you must work on as a modern brand in 2016!

50 Creative Storytelling Ideas For Your Brands Brandanew

50 Creative Storytelling Ideas For Your Brands

1. Use Personal Stories: Give a modern twist to classic fairytales from your childhood.

2. Draw parallels: with famous characters with your own situation.

3. Use strong characterization: Write a fictional diary of a character.

4. Use conversations: Write a fictional conversation on emails between two characters.

5. Reimagine old tales: Take up an old world story and reimagine how they would act with modern technology.

6. Add travel as context: Travel to some new place and set a story in that backdrop.

7. Use film based storytelling techniques: Pick different elements from films (e.g. screenplay, narrative, plot, arch).

8. Interact with people to enhance your stories

9. Take a break: Sometimes take a break and sit alone, new thoughts may arrive.

10. Day dream: Dreams are very useful. Note down your ideas as soon as you wake up as you will forget them later.

11. Use mythological frameworks: Dig old mythological stories and use them in present settings.

12. Experience creativity in different settings: Visit a magic show, a museum, a city walk, or a circus, who knows, you may get new ideas.

13. Use Children’s literature: Go back to your school books to find simplicity of sharing an idea

14. Interact with children: Answer questions, allow them to come up with ideas and imagine your products.

15. Invest in trainings/ workshops: Meet a diverse set of delegates, and learn new ideas

16. Scribble down your ideas in one place: Scribble whatever comes to your mind. Be creative. Observe patterns later.

17. Embrace art: Check geometric figures as drawings, and imagine a story that flows following these  patterns.

18. Listen to music: Explore different genres of music to identify what you need to feel productive. They create different moods and opens your mind to different ideas.

19. Find an ending: If you struggle to start, first plan the ending, then develop a story around it.

20. Get an unusual protagonist: For instance, tell a tale from the perspective of your customer, or an imaginary character.

21. Put yourself in a difficult customer situation: You may have a new experience.

22. Stay updated with world events: Newsjacking– i.e. connecting a current happening to your own products makes you relevant and engaging.

23. Read on diverse topics : Various types of books can affect our minds deeply and allow us to be more creative.

24. Switch off the internet: Use an analog desk to draw your story.

25. Share your story:  Talk about your story in gatherings, meetings and in your team. Hone your skill and improve it constantly

50 Creative Storytelling Ideas For Your Brands Brandanew

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26. Shinrin-Yoku: Forest bathing technique from the Japanese- refresh your mind.

27. Use frameworks: McKinsey’s S-C-R framework, Freytag’s pyramid, sequencing etc. work for brands

28. Align story to customer values: Know what your customers want and what their challenges are

29. Simplify: Keep your story simple to understand. Follow a structure

30. Use external consultants: Get outside-in help on identifying your story from another perspective

31. Don’t fall in love with your story: Maintain objectivity

32. Tell local stories: Stick to local themes, events, customer needs and challenges

33. Blend in: Create stories that add to a conversation, and are not seen as blatantly off

34. Do not sell: Engage and build relationships. Sales come with trust.

35. Connect the dots: Share the big picture. And then work out the details.

36. Feature your UVP: Define and feature your unique value proposition

37. Build an emotional connect: Humanize your story.

38. Create positive emotions: Leave your audience happy

39. Share a resolution: Solve a real problem and show how you do it better

40. Define your competitive advantage: State the reason why you should be chosen

41. Create a compelling copy: Don’t just write for the sake of it. Write convincingly

42. Use facts: Numbers, insights and facts add value and help build trust

43. Crowdsource: Get stories from everyone in the team.

44. Co-create: Make conversations and stories in partnership with customers and other stakeholders

45. Save the story: Jot down your ideas instantly.

46. Repurpose stories: Convert writing into videos into podcasts. Re-use your content.

47. Add platform context: Every media is born different. From 140 characters to photos only, customize for your platforms.

48. Always know your niche target segment: Write for a target segment and do not mass produce content for everyone. One size does not fit all.

49. Edit furiously: Edit stories and take out all the fluff. Stick to facts and emotional moments. Stay minimalistic

50. Start with dear mom: Write for one ideal buyer.

Which storytelling ideas did you like out of these? Do you have a staple that you’d like to share?


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