5 Tools To Turn Your Boring Presentations Into Magical Stories

No one can change the fact that PowerPoint is by far the most popular presentation tool in the market. Knowing and using PowerPoint is like a standard that every business has to maintain. Telling compelling brand or product stories is not easy. Unless you use design thinking and tools to turn your boring presentations into magical stories, your brands are certainly falling behind. For every investor presentation to talking with your B2B partners, power yourself with these super tools!

With the new generation of businesses opting for creative options instead of the predefined layouts, PowerPoint is gradually seeing new competition. There are a number of presentation tools today that are cloud based, offering online slideshows, customizations and sharing across different platforms. The best part- you don’t have to save everything on your hard drives first!

Since visual marketing is the need of the hour, we dug up five alternatives for creating presentations so that you can stay creative with the times!

Brandanew 5 Tools To Turn Your Boring Presentations Into Magical Stories

1. Prezi

One of the oldest and most popular tools in the industry, Prezi still ranks high when it comes to creating visual content. You may need some time to understand its features but the end product is quite worthy. It is the go-to tool of marketers for creating spiced up presentations.

The platform offers free as well as premium plans ranging from $4.92 to $13.25 per month.

2. Haiku Deck

A presentation tool for creating simple and sleek images, Haiku Deck is another sought after PowerPoint alternative. Even though it puts restrictions in terms of how much content a slide can contain, it basically nudges you to keep things uncluttered and offers only what is necessary. It has many similar features compared to PowerPoint or KeyNote.

The tool offers free as well as pro plans ranging from $9.99 monthly or $4.99 per month, billed yearly.

3. SlideDog

Another alternative commonly used for taking a break from PowerPoint, SlideDog allows you to combine different types of files and media – presentations, PDFs, documents, etc and create a single presentation. It is the tool for marketers who want to deliver smooth presentations without having to switch from one deck to another manually.

The tool offers a free as well as a premium account at $8.33 per month.

4. PowToon

If you’re looking at impressing your audience with not just a great pitch, but a storyline and emotional hooks till the end of the presentation, PowToon is for you. It allows you to create presentations using animated characters to introduce the feel of a story in it instead of the conventional listing down of facts. With an easy to use interface, it even lets you create short animated video clips using your presentations.

The tool offers free as well as premium plans that range between $19 to $59 per month.

5. Emaze

Offering professionally designed 2D and 3D templates, emaze is one of the most chosen presentation tools by marketers today. It simply lets you choose a template of your interest, add content and other elements as per your need. It offers an export function that not only converts your presentations into HTML or a PDF, but a video!

The tool offers a free plan as well as premium plans that range from $9 to $19 per month.

Know of a tool that could help us create interesting presentations and isn’t in this list? Feel free to add to this list by simply dropping the name, its functionality, etc in the comment section below.


Vanhishikha Bhargava

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