5 Social Media Blogs From Experts That Are Awesome

The good thing about online marketing is that it is not very hard to learn. In fact this is true for everything on the internet. It provides us more information that we can ever consume and that too for free. In fact it is complete opposite to the formal education we are used to. Actually everything in the online world evolves and changes so rapidly that it is not possible to create formal courses and taught through an academic year as the scene may change drastically even before the year ends. But the good part here is that a lot of experts and practitioners are generous enough to share their ideas and tips through their writing. They do this as a part of their own Content marketing strategies and also to solidify their reputation as experts. Apart from those times, where someone in the industry just has to say it. But whatever be the reason, for Startups and small businesses willing to learn social media, it is a win-win situation. So, today I am sharing my top five favorite social media blogs from experts. Happy learning!

5 Social Media Blogs From Experts That Are Awesome

5 Social Media Blogs From Experts That Are Awesome

1. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a cutting edge social media management solution. It is one of the best options for creating and managing contests, running campaigns, gaining followers and monitoring progress through extensive analytics. It works for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and considered one of the best in business. But more importantly it also runs an excellent blog where you can learn a lot about getting the most out of your social channels.

2. Grow

As the name suggests, it is all about growing your business. It is run by Mark Schaefer and contributed by scores of other experts. Mark has a strong experience in developing marketing solutions. Interestingly the content here is much more in-depth and extensive as Schaefer has experience in traditional and digital marketing. So, while other such blogs tend to be one dimensional, he brings in the wisdom from both worlds.

3. Razor Social

Razor Social is sharp and incisive. This blog run by Ian Cleary offers some of the best content about social media business. The most important part here is the reviews of software tools. Cleary takes the responsibility to try out scores of online marketing and social media tools that are available in the market nowadays. He evaluates them and tells the readers their pros and cons. He also offers step by step guide to using these for various purposes.

4. SocialBro

SocialBro is actually a tool aimed at Twitter for business. But they also run a blog and they tend to go offbeat and talk about the things that nobody else touches. They go very deep into the matter and offer insights you never thought of. Especially if you want to grow on Twitter, this is what you must follow. For instance, consider topics like how to unlock big data with limited resources. Or how to enhance revenue with better segmentation or how personality insight can enhance your twitter campaign? Did these questions occur in your mind before? Well, that is exactly why you should follow it!

5. Mari Smith

Mari Smith is one of the foremost thought leaders in the social media industry. She offers training courses and webinars but even by reading her blog you can learn a lot. Especially for Facebook she is considered among the foremost experts in the world, so much so that Facebook itself hired her for conducting a series of educational events about Facebook Business all over the US. Do you need a bigger approval to trust anyone?

Which social media blogs do you read? Do share. At Brandanew, we are constantly learning from the best! 🙂

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