5 Simple And Effective Tips On How You Can Improve Your Instagram Presence Today

Instagram with 75 million+ daily users is one of the fastest growing social networks. About 90% of the users are the highly engaged millennials under the age of 30. If we consider mobile only apps, there’s hardly any other social network that comes close. Some studies have shown that it also offers better engagement compared to other networks such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s a network you can use to initiate personal relationships with your clients and develop your brand further. Here are some simple and effective tips on how you can improve your Instagram presence!

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5 Simple And Effective Tips On How You Can Improve Your Instagram Presence Today Brandanew

Your Bio/ Profile Description

Instagram is fairly straightforward. But to make the most of it, use the description space properly. Write a meaningful bio and share exactly why someone should follow you. Use the right keywords. The good news here is that unlike Twitter, there’s no small character limit. Consider including a call to action. Use spaces between lines and break the monotony with smileys and special characters so that different parts of the message catch attention of the reader easily.

Using Hashtags

Just like Twitter, Instagram thrives on hashtags. Since the limitations of Twitter are absent here, you can use as many hashtags as possible. Check posts by other accounts posting on the similar topics to find out popular hashtags. As you type the hashtags, Instagram also shows the total number of posts that are being made using that tag. So, you can easily figure out which is a popular tag and which is not.

You can also check the hashtags on various tools such as top-hashtags.

Utilizing the Website Link and Your Other Channels

You cannot put a hyperlink in the Instagram posts. This is one of the main worries for marketers who are reluctant to use Instagram in a way they use other networks. However, it does allow one link at the top of your profile bio. So, never forget to utilize it. If somebody just likes your images and checks out your profile to know more about you, they will see and click on the link to visit your site.

Utilize your Instagram feed on other media. For instance integrating it on your Facebook feed, blogs or even your emails. Here’s a great example from Hilton using Instagram on Emails

5 Simple And Effective Tips On How You Can Improve Your Instagram Presence Today Brandanew

Showcase Your Creativity

Instead of just posting images one after one, take a larger sized image, and divide it into several pieces. Now upload the sequentially so that the larger picture is visible in the profile. You can mention in the description that they should visit the fill profile for the complete picture. This will make people visit your profile and they will notice other posts too along with your website link. Another example is being creative with how your product shows up in the picture. Nike is a great example!



Regram and Tag

Just like on Facebook you share and on Twitter you retweet other people’s post, you can try this for Instagram too. It is an easy and beneficial way of engagement and promotion! Always tag people in your posts so that you build engagement with your fans/ followers and add a human element to your posts. Instagram does not have a direct button for sharing other people’s post! Probably they will come up with it someday but as of now you do not have that option. However, there is no need to worry. You can still do it by installing a third party app called “Repost”. Open the app, search for the user and locate the post you want to share. The rest should be pretty easy. Like any other social media channel, engagement is a two-way street.

What are your experiences with Instagram? Shout out your favorite tips to us via Twitter or in the comments below.

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