5 Funny Business Ideas That Actually Worked

Have you ever considered expanding your business, but you are running short of ideas? Perhaps you are thinking that your business idea is so ridiculous that it will be a flop. To keep you motivated, here is a list of five funny business ideas that actually ended up as big hits. Read through these tips and you might actually find a cool and crazy idea that could work for you!


5 Funny Business Ideas That Actually Worked

1. Slobproof

Debbie Wiener had the misfortune of marrying a slob, with whom she had two sons. As their family grew, they also got a bird and a dog that further increased the mayhem in their household. The amount of time she devoted to cleaning and preventing the mess drove Debbie crazy that she decided to “Slobproof” their home.

This gave birth to a range of chairs, ottomans, sofas and other decors that were covered with “slobproof” fabrics that are easy to clean and maintain. They also have touch up pens that can fill up chipped paint surfaces and erase crayon marks and other stubborn stains produced by toddlers. All parents with unintended art on furniture will understand. Aside from homeowners, Slobproof also offers furniture for commercial use.

2. Throx

Edwin Heaven finally had enough of losing his socks when doing his laundry. It was such a mystery how a piece disappears that he solved it by selling three pieces of socks per design! Now if you lose one piece, you still have your pair intact! Super convenient, don’t you think? His company called Throx comes up with funky designs that are fun and one-of-a-kind.

3. Fantasy Dating Game

After hearing her girlfriends whine about their pitiful love stories for the thousandth time, Suzanne Casamento finally thought of developing a Fantasy Dating Game. Her main goal was to empower women and help them build their confidence by trying out their moves in virtual reality. This could help women come out of their shell in order to meet more people in real life. The game is the equivalent of fantasy sports leagues that men enjoy so much.

4. Akiba’s Ha Atari Dokoro

Are you suffering from anger management issues? Do you just feel like you’re so fed up that you actually want to hit someone and smash his head against a wall? Then the “Smashing Place” or “Akiba’s Ha Atari Dokoro” in Japan is the right place for you to hang out. Release anger, stress, tension and anxiety by smashing as many plates as you can with the staff watching and cheering for you. The concept is one of a kind, and that’s why it’s a smash hit among stressed out Japanese.

5. AirBnB

How do you feel about sharing your home with strangers? Do you have a ton of space in your house and are you open to letting random travelers from all around the globe stay with you? List your property with AirBnB!  Invest in improving your property to offer a wonderful ambiance and a memorable experience that would attract guests to your home. Earnings can be big and a profitable side venture.

If you are a startup owner, expanding your business will involve several key steps. These include, finding the one big idea, a suitable working space, adding right resources and improving your marketing plans. Find out if any of these funny business ideas are feasible in your area.  How can you make it grow and succeed? Remember successful companies don’t care if they began with funny business ideas!

Don’t forget to share some crazy startup ideas that you’ve encountered!

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