5 Digital Storytelling Projects That Inspire Us

Everyone loves a good story. Why are we always seeking captivating plots in series and novels? For that matter, why do we try and connect every song to an instance? Because when things become relatable, they make more sense and that holds true for marketing as well. Digital storytelling projects or just ideas inspire us.

Brands today are delving into digital storytelling modes, sharing their own experiences and spending time framing posts to promote their products but seem like they are solving a regular life issue or simply, entertaining their audience. Not everyone got it right. But, here are 5 brands that have become an inspiration in storytelling marketing:

5 Digital Storytelling Projects That Inspire Us

Image: From Apple’s digital storytelling video linked below

Once Upon A Time, There Were 5 Brands Inspiring Storytelling..

1. Lego

The Lego Movie was the perfect mix of advertising, content marketing and storytelling. Not only did Lego brilliantly use and promote all their products throughout the movie, they kept everyone watching it very much engaged and away from thinking that it was something outright promotional.

1. They actually created a storytelling to entertain their audience – no makeshift random stories.

2. The products were used throughout the movie with each scene brilliantly crafted to show off their features.

3. The story actually had a couple of takeaways for its audience – kids and adults:

a. You are never too old to create magic
b. We’re only as limited as our imagination allows us to be
c. There is a ‘builder’ within us, if only we believe in him

Note: I haven’t got much to say, just – If you haven’t seen the movie, I suggest you do!

2. Nike

Nike is the go-to example for modern day marketing. Why? Because all these years, storytelling is what they have been doing – long before the term became a buzzword in the marketing industry. The sports brand is known touching upon every trending story and turning it something that leaves an impact on its audience.

1. They never ask you to buy their products, they simply show you where they can be used in your day-to-day life.

2. The storylines are always around the most trending topics amongst their audience.

3. Their advertisements are always supported with a narrative – making them easier to comprehend for everyone.

Note: Always try and keep things relevant; even your advertisement.

3. Apple

I don’t know about you, but was and am a big fan of Steve Jobs. He wasn’t just the mastermind behind Apple, but also a great storyteller. He used his flair for storytelling very visibly in all the Apple advertisements right from the beginning.

1. The storyline always revolves around the consumer – how a product can be useful in his day-to-day life.

2. The narratives used are usually authentic, witty and inspiring, making them a hit with the young generation as well.

3. Every ad is crafted with the brand’s image in mind.

4. They believe in collaborating with people from different fields – the best way to bring in more ideas.

Note: Ensure that your brand never loses its rapport; stick to an image you would want people to associate you with.

4. Dove

After the hit of Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches campaign, the brand came up with another mesmerizing storyline to reach out to their audience – Choose Beautiful. The campaign was created around what women from different parts of the world are perceived as by others, and what they really thought about themselves.

1. Every advertisement doesn’t use their products; there is a subtle promotion of their tag line.

2. Each of their ads are aimed at stimulating emotions in their audience.

3. Their campaigns are a hit across the world, because they point out the day-to-day issues that no one else really does.

4. All their ads stay relevant to the nature of their products.

Note: Stories that stimulate human emotions, are the ones that become popular.

5. Airbnb

Always promoting their values instead of their services, Airbnb is known for coming up with some of the most relatable storylines for their advertisements. They believe that people can and should feel like they belong everywhere in the world – and that’s exactly what each of their advertisements portray.

1. Their storylines always make travel look easy – subtly promoting their services.

2. They make use of human nature in all their stories – their insecurities, reluctance in trying out new things, moving out, etc, and how they overcome them eventually.

3. The advertisements are shot like scenes from movies – perfect videography.

4. They stick to maintaining their brand’s image through all their campaigns.

Note: If your campaign is making use of video storytelling, ensure it is filmed well and has a flow that is easy to grasp.  

There are a lot more brands like Urban Outfitters, Adidas, etc who are using storytelling for marketing their products and services today. If you can think of one such noted campaign that is bound to inspire the storyteller in us, please free to add to this list! 🙂


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