5 Creative Ways In Which Brands Can Create Remarkable Content

Organic content is very good for your online health and certainly adds longevity to your brand presence. This kind of evergreen content is usually that which is inspired. The inspiration can come from anywhere including movies, books or influencers that you follow. Mine usually happens to come from graphic novelists and authors. Here are a few tricks with which your brands can create remarkable content to talk to your consumers because that’s what creates a real bond.

5 Creative Ways In Which Brands Can Create Remarkable Content (And You Can Follow Too)

1. Show! Don’t tell

Don’t spill the beans just yet. Your consumers are smarter than you think; they like to unravel the message. You could write one big article about what you believe in and it may be a great release. But, if you want to bring about a movement or create a following, this may not take you far. When you practice restraint, you open up multiple ways of saying what you want to say. Talk about scenarios from daily life, use illustrations – graphics and comic strips are great to build connect, create a character that can reflect your consumer’s experiences; think of it as a saga that you are discovering together with them.

Cartoonist Connie Sun’s daily strips are poignant and thought provoking. She shows how Asian American women are stereotyped and often end up feeling stifled but I’ve not seen a lengthy article about her views on stereotyping or racism against Asian American women.

5 Creative Ways In Which Brands Can Create Remarkable Content


2. Personification: Go back to literature!

Some of the tricks you learnt at school can open up new avenues of presenting content. My favorite is personification. Some beautiful content is tucked away in corners one is lucky to stumble upon. For instance, I discovered an organization in Texas (Paws in the City) that rescues animals from high-kill shelters, and gets them adopted as pets. They personified each dog and cat and made them talk to their followers. Little wonder that they have an ardent following of people who talk to their potential pets on their page!


Renata, who is about 1 year old, was found in the company of three month old puppies that we believe to be hers. The…

Posted by Paws In The City on Saturday, 8 August 2015


But why stop at personification. Try irony, sarcasm or metaphors depending on what fits your brand personality.

3. Bend the rules – Content can be poetry

Lewis Carroll invented words that never existed when he wrote Alice in Wonderland. No word in the dictionary could have captured those emotions better. Buzzwords, hashtags and listicles are great and you can surely jump onto the bandwagon but remember that it might be crowded. Create your own and see how it catches on when you use it.

For example, if someone tells me a furry dog is looking for a home, I have little reaction. But our Texas organization (Paws in the City) says ‘Atticus is looking for his furever home.’ Voilà! ‘Furever’ friend, ‘furever’ home… it’s an emotion nothing else can capture!

4. Share a part of yourself: interest more than impress!

Back in the 80s and 90s, brands were larger than life and strived to create an aspirational, almost elusive aura. Those days are gone because you can hardly build a relationship with consumers by being a distant, high flyer.

The content connection that you have with your consumer is as good as a talk and the idea is to interest more than impress. Sharing the many sides to you is the key. How do you work? What are the people in your organization saying or doing? The funny incident in the office cafeteria – yes, all of this shows your personality. Authentic, organic content comes from within and makes you easy to relate to.

The whole of dating site Hinge’s blog is about how they started, what’s new with them, their events and meet-ups. It’s visual and real and features every employee and even users! Not all of their posts talk about their achievements or have a call to action!

5. Good content comes from real experience

Let’s face it, you can’t write anything that moves people unless you’ve been moved. Connie Sun is an Asian American herself and likely has been through what she shares; at Paws in the City, each writer has spent time with each dog or cat to discover their true nature. So skip the research and experience it firsthand!

Editor’s note: Also like Bill Murray confirms, give it time 😉



I’ll sign off with this bit. It is through content that you will have one of the most intimate interactions with your consumers. So you just can’t afford to be shallow. Your content may be awe-inspiring, out of the box or use the latest media but it will not impress if you are not rooted in strong values. Integrity doesn’t just shine through, but also helps create and build simple, effective content on a sustainable basis. Push the envelope while you’re at it!

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