5 Awesome Apps For Content Creation On The Go

Content creation for a Startup or you personally does not have to be a drag. There are multiple methods and technologies available that make the whole process entertaining and fun. Today, we share 5 awesome apps for content creation on the go. Make sure you’re never missing that content deadline, after all, content creation is a matter of a few seconds, if you use the right tools, umm apps- directly from the comfort of your mobile screens! Let’s start twiddling with the mobile phones then (not when you’re driving please)!

5 Awesome Apps For Content Creation On the Go

1. Evernote

10 awesome apps for content creation on the go

Availability: iOS | Android

About: Evernote is a modern workspace that syncs the data you store using the app in the form of notes, to-do lists, etc between all your devices; offering you the ability to work and learn from anywhere.

Usage: The app is being extensively used by marketing professionals today for the following:

a) Writing notes, checklists and research data
b) Organizing web articles, documents and photos
c) Discussing work with others by sharing documents within the app
d) Presenting ideas without creating slide decks

2. Wikipedia

Availability: iOS | Android

About: Wikipedia is a multilingual, web based, free content encyclopedia. Even though it is the web’s most recognizable source of information for years now, it still ranks high on the list of must have apps.

Usage: Since it is the largest source of information, it can be used in all fields – ranging from day to day topics to those that dabble in very sophisticated technological fields. Basically ALL your content needs are served, easily.

a) Search various topics and a detailed look at each of them for your content research
b) Find interconnected definitions with ease
c) Save the snippets while you can, on Evernote, or share the interesting stuff further!

3. Wikiweb

Availability: iOS

About: A Wikipedia app that offers you visualization of content articles that are connected to one another in the slightest way possible. 

Usage: Apart from the usual article searches on Wikipedia, it also lets you discover content through undiscovered connections.

It offers the following features:

a) Explore Wikipedia™ in the most readable and beautiful interface
b) Share interesting articles and how you found them with our unique sharing feature
c) Discover new articles through unexpected connections
d) Switch seamlessly between any number of 110+ supported languages

4. Dubsmash

Availability: iOS | Android

About: Add sounds to your video- professionally.

Usage: As we get more visual in our marketing, video is the next territory. Hand-made, behind the scenes videos are doing the rounds with Meerkat/ Periscope anyway, and this is a new addition to those- making the sounds better (or worse, if you may…) ensuring an entertaining video share!

It offers the following features:

a) Add sounds to your videos- your own, or by selecting sounds provided by the app
Add filters or text to the sound to optimize it
c) Share “dubs” with your social media audiences

5. Photo-Grid Collage Maker

Availability: iOS | Android

About: A photo collage maker, poster maker, photo editor, sticher- this is one powerful app to make visual content on the go.

Usage: Optimized visual content creation on the go!

It offers the following features:

a) Add a background, filter, text, stickers and retouch your images or make a collage
b) Share on different networks for instance Instagram with the hashtags you need
c) Quick and easy, especially when you’re trying to create social media images

Is there any other app that you think should be a part of this must-haves list? Feel free to add to it by dropping a comment here, along with how you think it can be used best!


Vanhishikha Bhargava

Digital Storyteller at Brandanew
A passionate social media marketer, Vanhishikha specializes in content creation, and utilizes her skills to create compelling copy for social media and digital campaigns. She is Brandanew's digital storyteller.