30 Creative Ideas For Your Blog To Make It Remarkable

We keep asking you- no insisting that you must work hard at developing your professional and corporate blogs. From an SEO, branding and content marketing perspective, a good strong blog bodes well for your business. There are a ton of creative ideas for your blog that can set things on fire. You can provide consumers their answers, share what they’re looking for and also talk about industry topics to generate thought leadership.

But, let’s face it, coming up with new blog ideas each day can be a little overwhelming. What do you do as a small business or a startup when you really don’t have the time and energy for all this? Use our cheat sheet of course! Here’s presenting amazingly creative ideas for your blogs. Take notes!

30 Creative Ideas For Your Blog To Make It Remarkable

30 Creative Ideas For Your Blog To Make It Remarkable

Think about naming and branding your blog

1. Do not just use your own name as the blog name. Come up with something quirky and memorable. Think about the future. These are genuine brand elements.

2. Showcase your external publications, print snapshots etc. on one page and link it to your blog. Give people a reason to trust and believe. This is your opportunity to shine.

Reimagine design and visuals on your blog

3. Use services like info.gram or stati.gram to create mind blowing Infographics for your blog.

4. Keep the design clean, reader friendly and responsive. Do not live in the 90s. Google will not help if your blog is non-responsive. Think minimalism. Too much really is not helpful.

5. Use Canva to create excellent graphics even if you do not have designing skills.

6. Use Dafont to browse through thousands of fonts and choose one that suits you the best. Stick to one or two fonts. Don’t make it too hard to read. Once you choose one, stick to it and make it your identity.

Create new content on your blog

7. Occasionally, share other links and content from different sources through your social networks to avoid monotony.

8. Use external services for specialized content and embed these in the blog. For example, you can use YouTube for videos and SlideShare presentations for relevant topics and discuss them.

9. Maintain a good repository of quotable quotes and use them in your writings, whenever applicable. Quotes are shared a lot!

10. Keep an eye on the breaking news and blog on relevant topics that are drawing eyeballs. Newsjack!

11. Revisit your old posts often. Reuse the most popular themes without being repetitive.

12. Write something unexpected. For example write how to gain weight rather than how to slim down- if you’re writing in that segment. Try and be inclusive and think about all your customers.

13. Tell people something special that they are unlikely to know. Use lists and interesting snippets in the headlines. Attract attention without being a clickbait. Offer what you say you will. E.g. “10 places to visit in London than nobody told you about”- share your most amazing memories and personal experiences on your travel blog.

14. Use your best blog comments to create new posts (with due credit). This will also make the readers happy.

15. Encourage people to ask queries and the answer them in a new post.

16. Take up a well-known topic but disagree with the prevalent opinion. Take a stand and share why you believe in a different opinion. Don’t fake it, show facts.

17. Share stories of failure to show the humane side of yourself. Even on a corporate blog. Talk about what you could have done differently in your teams, your work or on your brand. Be brave and be yourself.

18. Make lists. You must have seen those “Top 10 films of 2015” or “10 films you must see before you die” posts. People like you curating for them. Oblige and see the love come back to you.

19. Use storytelling techniques. Tell the story of a long journey, a coming of age one, where one faces a lot of struggles but eventually triumphs.

20. See how you can make the most of one topic. However, do not be repetitive. From a video create images or infographics, post the video as a podcast. Repurpose content and give the audience something new with each type of content.

21. If you have great content running over pages and pages of information, it may be better to publish it in phases. Let the audience read a series of posts, get them engaged in a topic

22. However, do not make your blogposts too short as they may look too light and insignificant. Try to keep posts between 500-1500 words. Longer posts usually work better (contrary to what you may believe)

23. Talk about a challenge you overcame. Say something difficult, such as running a marathon, and recount the experiences.

24. Share memories and culture. A good recipe you learned from your granny. Be personable.

25. Write reviews. A film you just saw, a book you read or an app you used. You do not have to be an expert. Just describe from your perspective and lay out the facts.

26. Create a meme on an emerging topic. It can go viral if you are lucky.

27. Don’t be afraid of controversies. Write something outrageous or controversial, but stick to your experiences and facts. Show them why.

28. Talk about your blogging progress.  Always keep track of your analytics and find out which sources are giving you maximum traffic and try to devote more resources to them. Talk about them on your blog. Share what challenges you were facing and how you improved your performance. Talk about new things you’ve implemented on your blogs.

Build relationships with other bloggers

29. Invite guest blogs from people you appreciate. Get a new perspective. Link back to their blogs and usually they will too when you share your opinions on their blogs.

30. Interview experts from your industry. Bring varied experiences and opinions to your blog.

Are you still thinking about what to write next? Or do you have questions on any of the creative ideas for your blog that I’ve listed? Reach out and let’s talk it through!

Enakshi Sharma

Digital Storyteller at Brandanew
Enakshi is a storyteller, curator (India Art Fair, 2015), anchor (May Queen, 2015), research associate (Centre for Civil Society, India), a travel writer and a blogger. She's a Digital Storyteller for Brandanew.