3 Things To Know About A Content Marketing Audit

What is content marketing? You write something useful in your blog, rank high in google search and expect people to read it and become your fans and the gradually morph into your customers. Is that not enough? What is so complicated in it? Why do we need a content marketing audit?

3 Things To Know About A Content Marketing Audit

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Well, things are not as simple as some of you might think. Everybody knows by now that good content is the key to success. So, in order to succeed, you must go a step further and fine-tune your content to its optimal performance. You must keep aspects such as SEO and social performance in mind while doing so. A content audit is necessary to spot and sort out such deficiencies and make the most of your content. However, there are many misconceptions and challenges associated with it. So, just have a look at the following three points to understand all you need to know about initiating a content marketing audit.

1. Poor content can be more harmful than you think…

You might even have forgotten about something silly that you’d done five years ago, but Google does not. To make it worse, it keeps coming up with updates that change the rules every now and then. Basically it is gradually moving towards original and high quality content over anything else. So, you need to find out your long forgotten material with duplicate (or God forbid plagiarized) content, poor grammar or links to now deceased or spammy websites. You either need to correct them or purge them altogether to avoid penalties. If you paid money to buy links, chances are now you will need to pay money to remove them. A few thousand dollars. Sorry, but don’t shrug and say everyone does it. It’s not something that helps and is a black hat SEO practice. It is least likely to help you build a brand perception worth talking about.

2. There are tools available to help you…

If you are thinking that a content marketing audit is a long, tedious and soporific task of going though thousands of pages of content, then you are mistaken. The good news here is that a lot of tools are available that can be used to complete this task systematically. Google Analytics should be useful along with assorted ones such as Webmaster Tools and the Keyword Planner tool.  You can look for external tools such as Screaming Frog. They will give you a list of all existing URLs  in your site. You will also have to gather other data such as which keywords being targeted. Finally, you can use Copyscape to check for plagiarism in your content. Once all the analysis is done, you can make some decisions. Just remember that some of these decisions will be harsh. You will be able to correct or repurpose some of them but some others will have to be removed altogether.

3. It is more useful than you think…

The aim of a content marketing audit is not only to check the quality of your content. It can lead to a lot of benefits. For instance, if you remove harmful, duplicate or low quality content, the search rankings for the rest of your content may improve. Similarly, you can modify and repurpose some of the content, thus creating more favourable content that can rank better and bring you more traffic. More importantly, it gives you the larger picture. Once you get a laundry list of all your URLs, you get a clear sense of how large you site is. It also tells you what percentages of your links are of what kind, quality wise. To make it better you can just give a rating score to every page. This helps you strategize better for the future buy correcting the errors and bridging the gaps in your site both in terms content and quality.

What are you waiting for? Get going with a content marketing audit and do not hesitate to cherry pick your best content and repurpose it further!

Enakshi Sharma

Digital Storyteller at Brandanew
Enakshi is a storyteller, curator (India Art Fair, 2015), anchor (May Queen, 2015), research associate (Centre for Civil Society, India), a travel writer and a blogger. She's a Digital Storyteller for Brandanew.