3 Challenges While Creating Content (And How To Overcome Them)

Creating original content or curating the best brand relevant content IS stressful, especially when you’re working on a lean startup model or building a personal brand alongside your usual business/ work. On an everyday basis, as a part of a Content Marketing team with my clients and Brandanew itself, we all go through cycles of inefficiency and low productivity once in a while. There are several challenges one can face in Content Marketing, but I am enlisting the key 3 challenges while creating content and how to overcome them.

3 challenges while creating content and how to overcome them

3 Challenges While Creating Content (And How To Overcome Them)

1. Content Creation Burn-Out: Here’s how many processes a Content Marketing team member may be involved in. From creation, to curation to analysis to social media, it’s a long day. It is natural then, that the relentless speed of execution and the always-on connectivity may mean that you are exhausted and burnt-out.

How to overcome a Content Creation burn-out

Everyone has their own theory, but I’d share the top three ways I like to get out of a burn out. Basically, stop doing it.

a) Take a power nap/coffee nap: A break is needed. Do not allow yourself to be consumed by work. You need to be recharged
b) Know your work-mix: I usually make a to-do list in the beginning of the week. Depending on the deadlines, urgency and client prioritization, I focus on the items on my list. And while I am doing that, I always ensure that I am listening to my creativity and not stuffing myself with a week where I have no other activities except content creation. I usually work on a healthy work mix between content creation, distribution and social media. Never too much but well planned.
c) Have an after life: Burnouts occur when we do not allow ourselves to maintain balance about any aspect at work. What are you doing to avoid a burn-out? Do you go out with friends and have other activities or are you constantly creating content between 9 am to 9pm? Something has to give. In fact I am far more creative when I am not doing 24 hour shifts but have a more balanced approach.

2. Content Creation Block: It is natural for any writer/ creator to sometimes hit the creativity no-go spot and feel like they’re inspired to create nothing. It is important to get your inspiration up and running to your creative best!

How to overcome a Content Creation block

Everyone has their own theory, but I’d share the top three ways I like to get out of a burn out. Basically- gift yourself an active break!

a) Get out in the forest/ outside in fresh air: Since you may not have all day to do this, time yourself and take a 20 minute power walk, where ever you are. It is refreshing and helps you get back to full force with your creativity.
b) Change your workspace: Since we are a remote company and I work at home, I always find it useful to get to a coffee shop or the next room to work sometimes for a change. It is refreshing and helps me focus better. If you are unable to do this while working from an office, do not hesitate to get a coffee break to find a meeting room in your office to work out of. A change is good for great new inspirations.
c) Read/ Get inspired: Often when I feel exhausted, I go to my favorite food blogs, or Winnie the Pooh quotes, or Pinterest and spend a half hour absorbing creativity instead of creating something new. At times I also listen to my favorite Podcasts to refresh myself and get new ideas.

3. Content Creation Uncertainty: Will this work, or should I do it differently?  Is this what the client wanted or did I not get it? These are all questions that make you feel uncertain while creating something original. Here’s what I do when I feel this way:

How to overcome Content Creation uncertainty

a) Name your uncertainties/ define the facts: It is important to know what you feel uncertain about before you can solve the issue. This is even more critical when you’re a startup, because there are no set processes in place at times, and you are going to be skeptical till you try and have data proofs.
b) Communicate your uncertainties: Whether it’s with your team or clients, it is important to create an atmosphere of transparency and openness so that everyone is at the same page while you discuss any pending issues or questions that you may have about the strategy and implementation. Do not keep the questions just to yourself.
c) Work with your team: No sustainable business activity or strategy succeeds without your team and efficient team work. This means, communicating, listening and showing empathy. Commit to getting your team together when you work on creative projects, it really helps bring out the best!

Do you face any other pressing content creation challenges? Do share!


Upasna Kakroo

Upasna co-founded Brandanew in 2014 for the sheer love of storytelling and authentic connections. She has been blogging and documenting digital stories since 2003.