3 Awesome Twitter Hacks I Used To Grow Followers From 500 to 25K (And What You Can Learn)

Twitter has over 300 million monthly active users. And who best to talk about awesome Twitter hacks than the founder of TribeGrowth, Nathan Murphy, helping businesses grow their social following. Here’s his story…

Over the last 12 months I’ve learnt to leverage my time on Twitter for the massive gains. In the beginning of 2015 I had less than 500 followers, now I’ve got over 25,000 – and I’ve helped clients do the same. Twitter is absolutely perfect if you have a B2B business. In this post I’m going to share with you some of the fundamental rules that I’ve learned for building up a large audience on Twitter. A lot of the same rules apply for Instagram as well.

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3 Awesome Twitter Hacks I Used To Grow Followers From 500 to 20K (And What You Can Learn) Brandanew

1. Reciprocation is everything

The most effective way to build an audience on Twitter is to use the law of reciprocation. The majority of people don’t bother to leverage this core psychological principle and thus never really grow past a few hundred followers. For the first 4 years of me being active on Twitter I kind of just believed that if I kept tweeting out decent content then my profile would just grow organically – like magic.

Eventually, I realized that this fairytale was not going to actually play out. So how do you invoke the law of reciprocation and what is it? [Tweet “It’s simple; give and you shall receive.”]

In other words, if you follow your target audience then a percentage are guaranteed to follow you back. It’s more effective than auto-favoriting and it’s cheaper than running Twitter ads. Try it, and notice how much quicker your profile grows.

2. Start real relationships

On a daily basis I see a huge amount of accounts make the same mistakes. They forget that behind every single Twitter account is a real person. They think it’s ok to just use auto-shoutout messages to communicate with everyone and that this will magically convert into real customers. Literally every single user on Twitter (the ones that are real anyway), is another human being that you can actually have an authentic relationship with.

The friends that you have in your life now, think about how you got them. Did you go stand in the street and shout the exact same thing to every single person that walked past? No, you started each first conversation differently, customized to the context of the situation in which you met that person. Starting working relationships on Twitter follows much the same philosophy. Treat each new follower as a human being, say something unique and be authentically interested in having a conversation. Doing this might sound time consuming but it will mean you build a real audience and not just vanity metrics.

3. Leverage other people’s influence

If you want to shortcut the growth of your audience then it’s completely possible. All you have to do is give some big accounts a reason to send some Twitter love your way. But how do you know what kind of influencers you should be targeting?

Use a tool like Followerwonk – it’s easy. Followerwonk let’s you search everyone’s bio on Twitter for a specific keyword and location. For example, I can find a list of every single accountant that lives in Melbourne, Australia (turns out there is 470 of them on Twitter). Then, I can rank those results based on influence. This means I now have a list of the most influential social media users within my target industry. Now – don’t just tweet at them and ask for a shoutout, you’ll just be ignored.

The next step instead is to add value. So, start off by favoriting and retweeting their relevant recent tweets to your own audience. Then, ask if they’d mind if you featured then in a piece of content marketing about XYZ industry. Everyone loves some more self promotion – so they’ll most likely say yes. So go ahead and create a piece of content that features them and positions them as an authority figure within their industry. Then all you know need to do is post it and let them know that it’s live. It will be in their interest to share it with their own audience. I’ve done this time and time again for our clients and my own audience growth – it works.

To summarize, finding success on Twitter is much like finding success in any other field. Create value for others and the universe will reciprocate.

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About Guest Author: Nathan Murphy (@leveragehacker) is the founder of TribeGrowth, a social media growth hacking agency that helps businesses and individuals grow their audience on Twitter and Instagram.

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