2016 Social Media Trends And Statistics That Were Crazy!

Social Media has become an essential part of everyone’s life, it is addictive! From business to personal communication it immerses us all. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Pinterest have opened a new gateway to express and connect. However some social media trends and statistics have really been crazy! Here’s a look back at the year so far. Which ones did your brand follow blindly and which ones have you benefitted from?


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2016 Social Media Trends And Statistics That Were Crazy!

1. 27% drivers are hooked on to Facebook while driving. OUCH!!!

According to a 2015 study by AT&T, 4 in 10 smartphone owners check their social media while on the road. Scary as it sounds, reaching safely to a destination seems less important than texting, checking emails, surfing the internet or checking social media. Be cautious; give everything else a break, while you drive.

In 2016 this phenomena was taken over by Pokemon where some cities actually had billboard signs asking people NOT to hunt for Pokemons while driving! You’d think that’s understood right? Not so much for many drivers!

2. Over a million users experienced Facebook’s Oculus platform with Samsung’s Gear VR

This is surely a sign of things to come. A new way to experience videos which are closer to reality. This gear enhances the video experience – nearly 80% people watched videos on the Gear VR. With this technological advancement, content creators around the globe will have fun since they get to flex their creative muscle. They have an opportunity to device a translation into the audiences mind and create an impact like never before. Did you try the new VR opportunity yet? It’s so crazy just how many people have experienced this relatively new phenomena already!

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3.Video creators garnered over 200 billion video views on Facebook

We spoke about Facebook’s focus on video last year, and that’s definitely come true. UNILAD topped the charts with 2.7 Bn video views, followed by Lad Bible (2.3 Bn views) and Buzzfeed Tasty (1.7 Bn views). Native videos on Facebook, the one’s uploaded directly, have better reach than external video links from Youtube, Vimeo or others. Facebook changed their algorithm to support native videos since this keeps the user on site. Have you experienced some impact of videos for your brands yet?

4. Social Media is the digital red carpet for the US Presidential Elections 2016

According to PewResearch, electoral candidates used social media more frequently over emails (no puns intended :-)) and their website to communicate, reach and engage with the voters. The study found 44% of grownups in US, learned about the 2016 elections from social media in January 2016. Each Facebook post, on an average by Donald Trump received 5,230 comments, Hillary Clinton – 1,729 and Bernie Sanders – 1,070. And lo and behold, New York Times just published a 2-page spread on all the people Trump has insulted on Twitter so far! If you didn’t already think this election cycle was crazy, this is yet another proof!

5. Caitlyn Jenner remains a Guinness record holder with 1 Million Followers in JUST 4 HOURS!

Caitlyn Jenner achieved her place in the Guinness book of world record through Twitter. Surprised? Yes, in June 2015, she gained 1 million followers in just four hours of sending her first tweet. This is the fastest till date beating President Obama. No one has surpassed this feat yet.

6. Justin Bieber is the most mentioned Twitter user!

If you’ve ever wondered who people with the simple blue ticks are, we have the data. A research by the CEO of Triggertap, found 24.6% of verified accounts belonged to journalists, followed by sports figures (17.9%), actors and entertainers (13.6%). This helps draw insights on how the platform is being used. Journalists and politicians use it as a tool for communication, engagement and others for broadcasting. Among these verified accounts, pop-star Justin Bieber takes the cake being the most mentioned Twitter user ever (over 900 million times!)

7. Tears of Joy, has been used 5 billion times on Twitter

The “tears of joy” emoji is the most used emoji/ expression on Twitter. Definitely shows people like to express their default state of mind often – Happiness!

8. Instagram Posts with 11 #hashtags or more, receive about 80% interaction

According to a 2015 study it was found 10 #hashtags generated only 22% interaction per 1000 followers compared to more than 11 #hashtags which gets 3 times more interaction, just an extra #hashtag can increase reach. Unbelievable, little tech tricks amaze marketers. However, at the same time the most liked Instagram photo (over 5 million likes in 2016) is from pop star Selena Gomez, and only comes with a single hashtag #ad. This was a part of her collaboration with Coke! They’re clearly bubbling with enthusiasm. If you’re not a celebrity like Gomez, maybe choosing the best hashtags is still your best bet.

9. “Pizza,” the most Intagrammed food!

Pizza is the most favorite food around the world on Instagram, it has maximum number of tags. After pizza it’s Sushi, Steak and Burgers which are loved by the Insta users. The honor continues to be bestowed on this Italian invention in 2016 as well.

10. The red heart is the most used emoji by brands on Instagram

Simply Measured study in 2015 showed that the camera was the most used emoji to include photo credits. The second most used was the red heart. 2016 data shows that the red heart leads the pack (among all users including brands). Incidentally, #love is a really common hashtag on the platform too. In short, stay positive and spread the love 🙂

Concluding thoughts:

The presence of social media platforms has provided new avenues to brands and marketers. They’ve itched the content creators’ muscle to make captivating content, channelized marketers towards strategic content promotions and played with the analysts’ mind to evaluate the “which is why.”

It’s important to think through your plan before you jump into the bandwagon and be another “me-too.” It’s clear that the statistics are on the side of this new media world, the key question for your brand is how you’d utilize these trends for a greater ROI! Which trends will you follow in the next year?


Simran Chopra

Simran Chopra

Simran is a writer and social media planner for brands. She works as a contributing writer for Brandanew.
Simran Chopra