10 Surprising Content Marketing Statistics You Must Know! (Even About That Whitepaper Of Yours)

What would you start your Content Marketing week with? We recommend a deep meditating look at 10 surprising content marketing statistics you must know. All this, clearly before you start with your tactics of the week. Content marketing is ‘the’ buzzword today and there is just no doubt about that. Every company out there is making use of content to market their products, yet, most of them are still struggling to execute one successful content strategy.

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You could be one of those debating over a strategy rehash or bringing in new people to join your team. You could be the one who knows exactly what is needed before creating the next content strategy – statistics. As a marketer, no matter how much you hate number crunching, they are unavoidable. So to make the going easier, here’s a list of the top 10 content marketing statistics you must know before you start next!

10 Surprising Content Marketing Statistics You Must Know

10 Surprising Content Marketing Statistics You Must Know

1. B2B marketers are employing 12-14 formats of content on an average. (source) (tweet it)

2. A recent study states that 86% buyers expressed interest in accessing interactive/ visual content on demand. (source) (tweet it)

3. The top 3 most requested content formats by B2B buyers include: whitepapers (78%), case studies (73%) and webinars (67%). (source) (tweet it)

4. 95% B2B businesses preferred using shorted content formats for engaging their audience. (source) (tweet it)

5. Visual content is the key component of the most effective B2B marketing techniques seen today. (source) (tweet it)

6. Last year saw 39% B2B businesses sharing infographics on social media frequently and the trend continues. (source) (tweet it)

7. 70% marketers plan to increase their brand’s original visual assets by the end of 2015. (source) (tweet it)

8. Interactive content formats such as SlideShare increased popularity from 21% in 2013 to 28% in 2014. (source) (tweet it)

9. Images and photos are the most effective for social media post optimization. Adding photo URL to tweets boosted retweets by 35%. (source1, source2) (tweet it)

10. The popularity of whitepapers in B2B marketing is declining in relation to more interactive, snackable formats such as videos. (source) (tweet it)

Whitepapers are considered the go-to content format for showing off the knowledge a business has of its field. But snackable video content is going higher up in the list of content formats that people prefer. I think it is safe to say that changes in content marketing trends are becoming really hard to keep up with!

Hoping that these statistics cleared up a bit of confusion from your content calendar and got you back on the right track. Leaving you with a minimum of extra 5 minutes – we would love to hear your take on the current content marketing scenario. Just drop off the first thing that comes to your mind after reading this post, in the comment section below!

Ps. If you’re scheduling posts for the next few days, please ensure the number cruncher buried deep down in you doesn’t miss out on sharing these statistics! 😉


Vanhishikha Bhargava

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